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Greetings, all.

In June last year, I posted an announcement that I was no longer able to be the owner and admin of this group, and as the moderators no longer seem to be active, this has left [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching at sea without a captain. I sent a call-out inviting any members of the community to volunteer to take over.

I did not receive any messages or comments with genuine offers to transfer ownership, and so, it's my sad duty to say that I have no choice but to close BT. If someone would really like to take over as admin at this point, please contact me ASAP, but after so long, I think it's time to get the hint.

It was a pleasure to take over ownership of BT long ago and to get to know so many of you. It's my opinion that the needs and interests of the community have, over time, grown beyond what LJ can provide. The tag limit severely crippled the search and archive functions of the community, and as other social media platforms have become increasingly more popular (eg. Tumblr), the numbers on LJ have dwindled. But over the years, we've put together quite the collection of man-love here, still impressive in its thoroughness and variety compared to many other sites with the same. All these contributions came from you. So thanks for sharing, not just the BT but also in the comments. I know a lot of firm friendships grew from this community and i'm proud to have been there in any capacity for all that.

Thanks again. It's been great.

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Today an many of you know is Veterans’ Day and in honor of the day I put together a large photo post of Military Guys doing some boy touching. Now just like last year I’m using only photos I believe of actual Military men and none of them are rated more then PG nut a few are suggestive. This is very image heavy, but hopefully no repeats from last year, but enjoy.

*Does anyone know of a boy touching group over on Dreamwidth?

first and foremost it’s about the bond of brotherhood )

But it’s not just about having fun )

But sometimes you just need to take a nap )

And like all friends they play around )

And a couple oldies )
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Of the Name of Gaywyck By Vincent Virga , if anyone has it , hope you'll be so kind and share it and I love you all my life <3 *eheh*
Download the book over here(is on PDF format):
Bookdescription )
Thank you in advance if you don't have it... well is allright , hope you enjoy reading ;)
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So in honor of today being Veterans Day I decided to do a Uniformed themed boy touching post. This post is image heavy. All photos are no more then PG rated but some near the end are rather suggestive. Also they are all, to the best of my ability, real military guys not guys just dressing up. So enjoy.

*also I think I have it tagged right but if not let me know and I'll fix whatwere I got wrong

the Military is a great bonding experience )

Wrestling and honing their skills )

Nap time )

Having fun and horsing around )

and now for some old school )
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Random 'net pic of two random guys... had to change to imageshack.. photobucket is having issues today.


Follow the cutness to the randomness...

Read more... )
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They're sort of snugged up against each other to carry this off, and so adorable too!!


Nov. 14th, 2009 06:39 pm
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I appreciate being allowed to join.

Is there anyone who likes slash here? If so, there's this great community that does slash with original characters. They have, like, slash art, writing tools, and a place for everyone to hang out.

Here's the link to FateFiction.

Anyway, my name is Ghost. I live in NY and am 21. I'm new to livejournal, though.

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Band: Athens
Members: Harley (vox), Christopher (lead guitar), Karl (rhythm guitar), John (bass), Mike (drums)
Ex Members (But so worth the mention still): Ray (vox), Ryon (bass), Jonathan (Drums)
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash/Metal
Residence: Modesto, California

Oh, naughty band boys, how I love thee... it's almost as much as they love each other apparently.;) )

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One of the patients of the week is a young soldier needing brain surgery. His lover, who is also a soldier, is there with him. It's a very sweet scene, though things don't turn out well for them. 

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So did anyone see the pilot for Being Human? No boy kissing but lots of boy touching and slashy moments.

I figured I share some of the touchy pics with you guys (but you should all really check out the pic spam here in my journal. It has quotes and pretty boys & girls)...no real spoilers there either. At least for major plot points.

Just pics so no real spoilers here )
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I saw this in the new Spin Magazine issue. It's available free online through MySpace, btw.

Mathcore + face holding = awesome BT. )

Lucky, lucky man...I wouldn't wash my face for a few months.
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Remember when everybody wanted to see the scene in Torchwood (episode "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") between John Barrowman and James Marsters?

Here it is. Enjoy.
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From Make Me A Supermodel Ben and Ronnie play around with each other. Small warning though if you can't stand a girl being in the middle of Boy Touching a girl does get involved towards the end.


Dec. 22nd, 2007 02:12 am
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I uploaded these for a friend, but it occurs to me that a few people here might be interested as well, so I give you Christopher Reeve kissing Michael Caine in 'Deathtrap' (1982) )
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Here are the much awaited scenes between resident gay Marc and his new love interest Cliff, a new photographer for MODE. The person who posted this had been great in just cutting and pasting all their scenes together in this one video, so no filler or unwanted storylines are messing up the boytouching and cuteness that ensures. Enjoy !

Read more... )
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The incredibly awesome (and super hot) British comedy team of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are gearing up for the third season of their mind-breakingly hilarious program "The Mighty Boosh" starting next month. So, I thought maybe I could get you all excited for it with a really enormous amount of boytouching!

Onward to touching )
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From this weeks Chuck. Chuck wants to learn the Tango and the only person who can teach him is his sister's BF the affectionately named Captain Awesome. It's a scene that is both hilarious and hot. 

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Marc from Ugly Betty finally gets a love interest in the new season of ugly betty, but he is not what you would expect physical wise. He is the chubby but charming Cliff, a photographer who seems to be taking a shine to Marc in the episode " A League Of Their Own " -

Read more... )


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