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Today an many of you know is Veterans’ Day and in honor of the day I put together a large photo post of Military Guys doing some boy touching. Now just like last year I’m using only photos I believe of actual Military men and none of them are rated more then PG nut a few are suggestive. This is very image heavy, but hopefully no repeats from last year, but enjoy.

*Does anyone know of a boy touching group over on Dreamwidth?

first and foremost it’s about the bond of brotherhood )

But it’s not just about having fun )

But sometimes you just need to take a nap )

And like all friends they play around )

And a couple oldies )
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So in honor of today being Veterans Day I decided to do a Uniformed themed boy touching post. This post is image heavy. All photos are no more then PG rated but some near the end are rather suggestive. Also they are all, to the best of my ability, real military guys not guys just dressing up. So enjoy.

*also I think I have it tagged right but if not let me know and I'll fix whatwere I got wrong

the Military is a great bonding experience )

Wrestling and honing their skills )

Nap time )

Having fun and horsing around )

and now for some old school )
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Random 'net pic of two random guys... had to change to imageshack.. photobucket is having issues today.


Follow the cutness to the randomness...

Read more... )
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One of the patients of the week is a young soldier needing brain surgery. His lover, who is also a soldier, is there with him. It's a very sweet scene, though things don't turn out well for them. 

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So did anyone see the pilot for Being Human? No boy kissing but lots of boy touching and slashy moments.

I figured I share some of the touchy pics with you guys (but you should all really check out the pic spam here in my journal. It has quotes and pretty boys & girls)...no real spoilers there either. At least for major plot points.

Just pics so no real spoilers here )
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The incredibly awesome (and super hot) British comedy team of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are gearing up for the third season of their mind-breakingly hilarious program "The Mighty Boosh" starting next month. So, I thought maybe I could get you all excited for it with a really enormous amount of boytouching!

Onward to touching )
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Marc from Ugly Betty finally gets a love interest in the new season of ugly betty, but he is not what you would expect physical wise. He is the chubby but charming Cliff, a photographer who seems to be taking a shine to Marc in the episode " A League Of Their Own " -

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Fred Armisen is currently my favorite Saturday Night Live castmember for two reasons: he is really funny, and he has no problem kissing boys.

Its Live from New York, bitches! )
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Oh The Talented Mr. Ripley. I love your slashy goodness:


May. 26th, 2007 12:19 am
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Hello all. This is my first post, though i admit to lurking for a while. I bring you a few wonderful pirates touching photos, all with Johnny Depp.
Saw AWE at midnight, and it was wonderful. 

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Anybody remember the A*Teens? Here's a totally cute photo of Dhani Llenevald and Amit Paul.

Pic under the cut. Plus one more! )
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New member here! I've made icons from almost every picture posted since I friended this community! ^_^ Feel free to use the "boy_touching" icons on the bottom of my icon library!

Keep in mind that when you use the icons, PLEASE give me credit ^^;; Thanks!

Go here to get to my website. Click on [ lj icons ] to get to my icon library!

Keep the sweet pictures coming. ^_^

(the damn LJ didn't post it in the right place. >.< So...hi.)


Aug. 9th, 2003 12:01 am
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take a look:


much funniness with a touch of cuteness.
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Hi I''m new.. blah blah blah... here's some picks I thought were GREAT!
You've probably seen these before but... *is speechless*


Also helps that It's Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor in most of the pictures.. what more could you ask for?
Also.. taken from the best movie ever created!
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Movies with hard to say names

You thought a film about the search for a hermaphrodite god in ancient Rome should have an easy-to-say name?
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Shakespearian touching... )


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