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From this weeks Chuck. Chuck wants to learn the Tango and the only person who can teach him is his sister's BF the affectionately named Captain Awesome. It's a scene that is both hilarious and hot. 

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A request by [livejournal.com profile] neofox, who wanted some boy-touching from games. This is an oldie of mine that I made with my B/J-Sims (Yes! I am a Brian and Justin-freak *cough*). It's been up for a while. The quality isn't very good, but you'll get the idea...

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I wanted to do a post on one of my OTP's: Will and Jack from Will & Grace. They were robbed of their happy ending. So, here I go!

There were hardly any clips on You Tube, but I managed to find a couple of fanvids and one episode and there's some pictures/screencaps, too :]

And once again, they may have been posted before, so I apologise if they have.

Will & Jack )

Hope you like :]

Love Bellamy
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So we all know the boys from Heroes enjoy being mildly slashy on-screen (I'm looking at you, Milo and Adrian). But what about off-screen?

I present the boys of Heroes being all over the spectrum of touchy at various functions.

from zero to sixty )

Pictures from [livejournal.com profile] mutantboysrock and the corresponding website, Pretty Mutant Boys.
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Ah, David Bowie.

David Bowie helps Mick Ronson play guitar. By keeping a hand on Ronson's ass and playing with his guitar, which as we all know, is a... mild metaphor. You might not want to watch this at work or in other... sensitive areas, because Bowie kind of rubs up against Ronson's guitar in a suggestive manner. Very suggestive manner. Apparently from the same session wherein Bowie... orally serviced Ronson's guitar. You know the picture.

Ladies and gents, the most awesomely bad music video in existence: The video for the Bowie and Jagger cover of "Dancing in the Street". Some nice moments- dancing extremely close to each other, singing in each other's faces, Bowie holds Jagger in place so he can walk around him. It's also filled with bad clothing (I'm still not sure what Bowie is wearing under that coat) and lame dance moves. Bowie's ex-wife has said they've slept together (she supposedly caught them in bed together)- Bowie and Jagger deny it, so make of it what you will. Enjoy!
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We all agree that most musicals are tacky. Very tacky. But that's what we love about them (just to make sure you won't rip me apart because I like them...sometimes).
Anyways, there's this German-language musical called "Elisabeth" about the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (no shit)aka Sisi. (that's not actually important, btw)
It has this scene which is quite boytouchy, between The Death (the guy with the long black coat...or ly?)and Rudolf, Sisi's son. The Death encourages Rudolf to conspire against his father in this scene.

I, with my innocent 13-year-old mind, didn't even notice that it's so sexual when I went to see it a few years ago. But thanks to youtube, I just recently realised :D

Pictures and videos )
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These two ) are twincest personified. (They are also really good dancers.)

[EDIT: You have to see them move.]
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Oh, Little Britain.

I present several Sebastian Love sketches, all from Little Britain Video Galore. If you don't know, Sebastian Love is an aide to the Prime Minister, and has a massive crush on the Prime Minister. He also will do anything to flirt with and/or get his hands on the PM. Recently, he burst into Parliament singing 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera after someone accused the PM of looking old. Yeah.

Get Down PM!

Meeting With the PM

Dead as A Dodo

First Kiss (I believe this sketch has already been posted. There's a high quality version of it available at the website.)

Meeting With the US President (Wherein we meet Sebastian's American counterpart)


EDIT: I found a very high quality clip of Sebastian flirting about with the opposition. It's from Walliams and Lucas.

Swing Kids

Mar. 4th, 2006 11:40 pm
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Hello hello - I've just spent a wonderfully unproductive day screencapping the movie Swing Kids, and thought I'd share the love.

For those who don't know, the movie is about a group of kids in WWII-era Germany who rebel against Nazi conformity by listening (and dancing!) to banned American jazz. The focus of the story is on Peter (Robert Sean Leonard) and Thomas (Christian Bale), lovers Alright alright, best friends, who are forced to join the Hitler Youth.

Apologies for the size and quality of the pictures...WinDVD was being a bitch. But hey, boytouching is boytouching, right? ^__^

Click for 30 or so caps )

(Sorry if these have been posted before; I suspect they have, but I've never had a problem myself with seeing slashy pictures more that once. ~__^)
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Right...I just remembered I had more Lord of the Rings pictures. xD

Oh, and if you've already seen some of these 1093429342382 times...I'm sorry.

Oh, and dial-up beware. Lots of pictures.

A whole cast of beautiful men together in a far land for a couple years? I'm there! )

Okay, I'm done.

...for now.
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so i was thinking that we needed a good lee williams touching post because he is the most beautiful man alive. but when i was going through my pictures i only found a few that had him touching other boys! =C and that's just wrong. so i was thinking... i'll give you mine if you post yours in the comments?

but i'm proud to be a wolf )
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Princess Diaries 2 outtake + Happy Together screencaps (some NSFW, maybe?)

this way )


Dec. 4th, 2005 08:44 pm
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So, anyone who's interested in Danny/Martin has likely seen these already, but... *shrugs* I'm thinking people won't mind anyway.

Without a Trace: Danny/Marin )

Oh, and I totally forgot I had these pictures, be glad I remembered. They're from a Japanese language camp I went to over the summer, and there was MUCH boy-touchage to be had.

See for yourself! )
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I come bearing screencaps from Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Whose Line Is It Anyways?!

There's David Duchonvy and Conan dancing, two screencaps of My Chemical Romance's performance on the show, and lots of Wayne Brady. Alright. Sixteen images under the cuts.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien )

Wayne has a tickly butt~! )

And that's all for now.
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I was sort of in a bad mood before, and decided to cheer myself up by looking through all of my picture files for boytouchiness. And so I present you with a bunch of boytouchy pictures featuring my two favorite bands!

I didn't count them, but there's quite a few . . . so watch out if you use dialup. ;)

Queen )

The Beatles )

That's all I have for now. =]
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Sadly, it's not of myself or anything. It's a quiz result image from a quizilla thing. I found it adorable. Perhaps you will as well, Enjoy. ^_^

Emo Kids )
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Sorry if anyone has mentioned this before, but there's some quick boy touching in the new Matrix movie. When Neo, Trinity and the other guy first enter the club, you can see two males in the left side of the screen dancing and making out. It's hot. :)


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