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This MTV Canada PSA is supposed to scare kids, to show them the evil of drugs. Beware boys, reefer leads to boytouching!

Oh, the horror.

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video )
I had to do an assignment in my sceince class today to find PSA's online and pick ones I liked because we are making some in class and we had to find good ones. I thought this one was adorable.
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Picture from a Telia (leading Swedish telephone company) ad.

Isn't it just precious? )

Translation: "Keep in touch (for 0 kr/minute)".

"Muck" = Slang for finishing military service.
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...and some user pics to go with them.

MySpace Ad 1: )

MySpace Ad 2: )

Love Bites: )

All you need is... )

Green heart: )

All I ask is that if you use the user pics, please let me know and credit. *grins*
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thought this was such a cute video. i'll stick it behind a cut, cuz the display photo might be a little questionable. haha. enjoy!

Safe Sex 2006 )
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Just saw this ad on MySpace. it was too adorable not to post. :)

Splashy slashy... )
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French animated safe sex ad, just about the most lovely thing I've ever seen. Not work safe.

You may have to click/watch a few ad banners to get to the video, but it's all safe, and so worth it. :D

Video #2

Apr. 30th, 2006 08:18 pm
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2 of 2!

This is one of a series of excellent commercials promoting condom usage..


I chose this one because this is the HOTTEST.
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I was browsing through commercialcloset.com, and I happened upon these photos from an ad campaign for Italian clothing company Ra-Re, shot by Oliviero Toscani. There is some fully-clothed crotch-grabbing, be forewarned...

Viva Italia )
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So I was flipping through Vanity Fair (I believe last month's so... the issue for March 2006) and in the waaaaay back of the issue where all the ends of articles go? Like, an article would say: "continued on page 145" and the article would end at the back with all the rest of the long articles... ANYWAY, so i was flipping through there and lo and behold... I find this strange little short story with pictures no less.

I'm not sure it's exactly boy touching... though there IS vague boy touching in some of the scenes.

What caught my eye was someone who looked like tom cruise in a pink cardigan throwing an orange chair out of a car with another man looking horrified. So I look at the title and it says...

(WARNING: V. NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY... i had to leave 'em kinda big so you can read the story without having to squint and having a desire to kick me for making them so small)

Bruce and Javier: The First Gay Divorce )
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I think this is appropriate...What captured my interest was the picture more than the article itself.

Bathhouses )

(I discovered this whilst flipping through an old issue of Rolling Stone magazine, by the by)
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*revives community with boytouchy post!*

Now that that's done, here are some more pictures that I scrounged off of Commercial Closet because I have nothing better to do with my time and like looking at things that are hot. *shifty eyes* Anyway, there are 8 piccys o'goodness, so enjoy:

Someone ordered some BT à la mode? )
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don't remember how i found this, but it's very very good.
Why was I not invited to this underwear party? )
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Haha, has anyone caught the Marmite advert?

There is a lifeguard and he's making himself a Marmite sandwich. He takes a bite of the sandwich and at the same time a guy is drowning in the sea. So he drops the sandwich and runs to water to rescue him. Back on the beach he's giving the guy mouth-to-mouth and the guy likes the taste if the marmite so much that he basically keeps the mouth-to-mouth going. ;)

Very *rawrness*. :D
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this isn't a picture but I was watching MTV the other day and this commercial comes on where there's a butcher wrapping some sausages (yes I get it) and then this really hot brunette guy starts talking about "wrapping the bishop" and whatnot to another guy which made me go WTF, then the other dude says something in...another language, and then just grabs him and kisses him!

it's a "don't be afraid to talk about protection" safe sex commercial. Watch out for it...it's loverly.


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