May. 26th, 2007 12:19 am
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Hello all. This is my first post, though i admit to lurking for a while. I bring you a few wonderful pirates touching photos, all with Johnny Depp.
Saw AWE at midnight, and it was wonderful. 

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Oh my God...can't...breathe...oxygen not flowing to...brain...dying...from...hotness...

From the POTC: Dead Man's Chest premiere )

Excuse me while I go hyperventilate some more.
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So, I just finished watching an episode of "Law & Order: SVU" on TV. At one point, Benson and Stabler are interrogating a prisoner in Rikers. The prisoner is this really gay guy named Victor Spicer (he has on eyeshadow and eyeliner and lipstick, the whole magilla) that Stabler later calls "that disco queen in Rikers." Anyway, at one point, the following exchange takes place:

Victor: "Hey...You doing anything Saturday night?" *puckers his lips at Stabler in an air kiss*

Stabler: *leans in reeaalll close* "Oh, I'd hurt you."

Me, upon hearing that: *dies*

Christopher Meloni is just a magnet for the gay, no matter what show he's on. Goddamn. It's hot on "Oz", but for some reason I find it even hotter when there are innuendoes happening with his character on "L&O". Anyone else have any thoughts?

Edit: To make this post legit, a picture. In honor of the quote in [livejournal.com profile] skinheadskippy's post, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom being cuddly and whatnot )
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Okay, so, hopefully everyone is not sick of this movie, since I just saw it two days ago. The slashiness is rampant once again, though this time around, I got intrigued by a pairing that I hadn't given much thought to in the first one: Jack/Norrington. Now, I don't mean to spoil the movie, but I'm assuming that everyone and their cocker spaniel has seen it by now, so...I totally dug Norrington in this movie. He is SO much hotter all scruffed up and dirty, and as a result, I can completely get into the Jack/Norrington pairing. Does anyone else agree?

I unfortunately couldn't find any pics of Jack and Norrington together, but I found these two of them individually, and so this is my way of putting them together. ^_^

I'm looking for the man I love... )

And, because old loves die hard, here's some Jack/Will goodness. The second picture is just...I mean...it's begging for a caption, even though it speaks VOLUMES on its own.

If they make out in POTC3, I will spontaneously combust )

All pics came from here (and there are lots more, too): http://outnow.ch/Media/Img/2006/PiratesOfTheCaribbean2/
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Well [livejournal.com profile] somebodysaveus seems to have sparked a Lord of the Rings boytouching renaissance, and I decided to hop on the bandwagon and post a selection of my favourite Lord of the Rings boytouching pictures. Erm, a large selection.

About 130 pictures )

Green Queen
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I love this.....

Image hosting by Photobucket

*****(I forgot to note who made this, and if its you, let me know and I'll credit you)******
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Right...I just remembered I had more Lord of the Rings pictures. xD

Oh, and if you've already seen some of these 1093429342382 times...I'm sorry.

Oh, and dial-up beware. Lots of pictures.

A whole cast of beautiful men together in a far land for a couple years? I'm there! )

Okay, I'm done.

...for now.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

nuff said! ;)
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Here are a few pics from the London Premiere of Orlando Bloom's new film, Kingdom of Heaven.

Billy Boyd was in attendance.

Get them while Photobucket lasts... )

ETA: Thanks to everyone over at Ka-Bloom for tracking down so many premiere pics in such a short time. &hearts
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I'm new to this community, so I don't know which pictures have been posted yet, but here's some GnR (one VR) boy-touchin'.

boy love )

And here's two from the Marching Band season. Yess. )And here's a couple (if a couple meant 6...or 7) of Viggorli from various occasionsMy OTP ) and a random ad with hot boys touching )

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Some nudity (not too explicit) but probably NOT worksafe!!

Read more... )
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Here's some pics of Viggo and Orli at some premire deal...not sure which one exactly. These are merely Google pics, so if they have excessive waterspots or something, I'm really sorry!!


Viggorli  )

Once again, sorry if these have been posted already, or if they turn out to be manips or something like that.

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Just joined and all that jazz. From what I've seen so far, this community is mucho coolness. Awesome!! I come bearing gifts of boytouching!! I havn't looked back into the community all that far, so I hope none of these have been posted yet. *crosses fingers*


Click me!! )

Ok then. There they are!! I hope some of them came out ok...




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Happy Birthday to meee (tomorrow). The big 2-1!

So I ran across a bunch of hilarious and *highly* slashable screencaps of Legolas and Legolas/Aragorn. And further proving that I have too much free time, I wrote captions for all of them. Enjoy.


The Adventures and Misadventures of Legolas Greenleaf )
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First of all, I was thumbing through an issue of In Touch magazine that I bought, when I ran across a two-page spread about hunky actors who have been in or are going to be in movies about ancient Rome and Greece. And among the quotes and pictures was this:

"A nice tight pair of panties." - Orlando Bloom, when asked what he wore underneath his Troy costumes.

I just, I have no words. None at all. Except now I'm not going to be able to watch Troy without thinking, "I wonder what color panties he has on in this scene?" Ahh. God help his PR advisors...it looks like making dear Orli appear "straight" is quite a challenge. Speaking of which...

Slashy 'Troy' caps, to keep this post legit )

Okay, one last thing everybody, and I'm sorry for this post being so long. I'm writing a paper for my Feminist Philosophy class, and I need all of your help. It's about women as readers and writers of slash fanfiction. I know not all of you write or even read slashfic, but what I'm really looking for is to know why exactly you find the idea of two men together so appealing and such a turn-on. We're all members of this lovely community for a reason, right? So what is it about seeing two guys together that is so hot? The relationship between straight (or bi, I apologize for not including you ladies before, I'm sorry) women and two guys together is a unique one and is often overlooked (unlike the one between straight men and lesbians). Why do you think this is? Anything you could tell me about why it's a turn-on or what draws you to it would be incredibly helpful. I might even end up citing your answer in my paper (just leave a reply with your comment letting me know that I have your permission to do so.) Thanks everybody!



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