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To me there is no contest. The whole cast of LOTR were slash at their finest at movie events and promo for the films when they were out, and that closeness was so hot that it made the actual films themselves hotter than hell. OTP's all over the place there.
The HP films I know are meant to be family friendly, but let's be honest here. With all the hot british blokes they get in those films aka Robert Pattinson as Cedric to name a point, they should at least have seen how also adding close male one on one scenes and touching would ADD to the films as LOTR, rather than take away from them. I mean, guys get lesbian fan service in virtually everything these days so why cant us girls and gay and bi blokes get slashy vibes in out big films ?

P.S - For thos wondering if I do write slash, I do and most of it is Percy and OLiver from Harry Potter. You can find them over at fanfiction.net under the writer FuzzyCat. Some of my more popular ones are THE PLAYWITCH FIASCO and THE GRAVITY OF LOVE. I have not updated in ages due to another long, drawn out family conundrum, but hopefully new additions to these two, plus four more new fics, will be up very soon this week.

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Sorry, but I just HAD to share.


Jul. 18th, 2007 07:32 pm
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Any picture of boytouching featuring Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack)? I can't find any!
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This season has been full of guy on guy touching--mostly because gay housemate Joe has a huge crush on possibly bisexual hunk Nick who welcomes his cuddling and affection.

He said his father used to think he was gay, he’d given a guy a blow job in high school, he flirts with the gay male housemates all the time, and he even has a list of his Top 5 guys he would fuck–including Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig.

But no one knows if he really is as sexually viscous as he seems, or he's just using it as a strategy to get the gays (there are 2 this season) on his side.

Source (NSFW)

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This is quite relevant, but if the mods disapprove, feel free to delete.

Why am I posting this, you ask? Because I'm A) hardcore awesome, B) secretly a pedophile!!!, or C) bored.

Communities and journals are being suspended for having interests such as 'incest,' 'shota,' etc. Why does this apply here? They suspended [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies and [livejournal.com profile] boysfuckingboys, both of which aren't primarily the targeted subject.

so. er. yeah!
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Just a quick point out, this is about LOST so if you haven't seen the finale of season three DONT click. There are major spoilers in this post for all of season three.
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and speaking of boys...I like to touch...

My boyfriend is the Biggest Nerd Evar. And my college is having a radio contest..and he made the FINALS! However, I need to get votes. This is totally allowed, and it's basically whoever can get the most votes wins.


You can vote EVERY HOUR, on EVERY COMPUTER you come into contact with, basically for every IP address.

I just thought that you fellow Bowie fans would be able to help us out! Seriously, ANY vote will help. Just click once, Once a day, Once an hour, whatever. I would be eternally grateful and will click on anything you would like in the future!!!


Sorry for the spam, seriously, and feel free to ignore/delete this post!! XOXO!
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Fred Armisen is currently my favorite Saturday Night Live castmember for two reasons: he is really funny, and he has no problem kissing boys.

Its Live from New York, bitches! )
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I don't follow baseball at all, but found this Youtube clip on another site.

These are Boston Red Sox players; one of the players really likes his teammates head/hair.

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54 pictures / random )
You've probably seen some of these, maybe even on here. My apologies if so.
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Oh The Talented Mr. Ripley. I love your slashy goodness:


May. 26th, 2007 12:19 am
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Hello all. This is my first post, though i admit to lurking for a while. I bring you a few wonderful pirates touching photos, all with Johnny Depp.
Saw AWE at midnight, and it was wonderful. 

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hi there! long time lurker here! i'm a hugeeee movie fan.. and im always searching for trailers and such.. so here you go! trailers and such with BT! :D

(kinda big post and not really safe for work.. hehe..)

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