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In addition to what [livejournal.com profile] hyacinthus posted about the upcoming film adaptation of Dream Boy here I have found the movie's official myspace which has some more photos.

Dream Boy )

I hope that this adaptation will be wonderful, but honestly I cannot recommend the book enough, it's incredible. It's by Jim Grimsley and I think everyone should read it before the film is released :)
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Those are boutouching from the movie "The Dreamers" it's awsome movie!! i really loved it...
so i wan't to show you THE reason why i loved this movie even more.. :]
sorry if it's been posted before..


the look *in love*




there isn't really boytouching here but i really loved this picture.. :D



The real boytouching is starting.. :]









and the best part of this great movie...





XD Hope you likes it 

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I had to do an assignment in my sceince class today to find PSA's online and pick ones I liked because we are making some in class and we had to find good ones. I thought this one was adorable.
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We all know French men are hot and French rugby players even hotter, but how hot are two, just turned 18, French rugby players who lip-sync love songs to each other????

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So I have totally stolen this from somebody on [community profile] ohnotheydidnt so full kudos to [personal profile] awff7

in fact, I will just post a link to their post, but the comments on there are, well, as you might expect from that community really - interpret that as you will. I never said good or bad.

Anyway, it's a link to a short film on youtube (12mins) about brotherly love.


ps - is this 'hotlinking' I'm not really sure..., if it is I'll deleter it...

PPS - the film is worth watching - although obv incest warning - it has someone famous in it... (Sorry I don't know him!)
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Just two pictures about Keanu Reeves. I haven't seen them here, but I'm somehow sure, they aren't new in this community.
Anyway: I like them.
(From [community profile] keanu_daily.)

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Just saw this ad on MySpace. it was too adorable not to post. :)

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Time to live : le temps qui reste a film by François Ozon

A Beautiful film just click and look at the pics

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Jun. 30th, 2006 09:38 pm
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Someone asked for caps a while ago - and as ever I try and oblige - lots of pics, so I will do in two halves - First maurice and Clive..

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Actually, not so much of a primer. I'm gonna give bare bones for the pretty boy touching. Wikipedia has a good article on my boys, and episodes can be found on YouTube and aarinfantasy, I believe. Photobucket downsized my pictures, but they're still good.

First, the boys. )
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A friend and I watched Three Dancing Slaves today, a movie I'm sure I've never seen mentioned here.

From Yahoo Movies;
Three brothers each face a crucial turning point in their lives. As each young brother wrestles with their transition to manhood, they must escape the tyrannical rule of their distant father in order to find their own path for success in their lives. A tragic incident, however, sparks a course of events that will test each sibling's sense of self-worth and open up questions about their blossoming desires...

I can't say I was totally impressed by it, but I'm not really a cinema guru so... Anyways, here are some shots:

Le Clan )

Images from BruederLiebe.
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Here's a blast from my past... The Two of Us - made a HUGE kerfuffle in 1987 when it was made as a school's programme by the BBC. Press coverage, near ban, all mixed up in the Clause 28 thing. Eventually shown in schools, but only after the 'Go Gay' ending was cut and the younger boy was seen tripping off into the sunset with his GIRLfriend. The beeb showed the uncut version once, late at night as a kind of protest.

here are the caps )
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The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

"Based on the hit underground comic strip, this hilarious gay comedy follows the story of Ethan Green, an adorable 26 year-old professional "assistant" looking for love in all the wrong places.

Kitschy and fun, sexy and outrageous, filled with fascinating characters and beautiful people, Ethan Green is a sure bet for a good time that might just make your love life look downright easy."

Daniel Letterle
David Monahan
Diego Serrano
Dean Shelton
Meredith Baxter
Shanola Hampton
Joel Brooks
Richard Riehle
Scott Atkinson
Rebecca Lowman
Ramon De Ocampo

www.ethangreen-themovie.com (complete with trailer)

More Info:
-Playing in select theaters (check website)
-You may know Daniel Letterle (Ethan Green) as Vlad from Camp

Pictures )

I think it has potential. I like this idea better than the whole Not Another Gay Teen Movie deal. This one doesn't seem to be making fun of gay men, what a concept!


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