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thought this was such a cute video. i'll stick it behind a cut, cuz the display photo might be a little questionable. haha. enjoy!

Safe Sex 2006 )
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The Dying Gual

This movie was a lot like getting it on hot and heavy and then right before things get good it leaves you alone and cold. The ending was awful. All the man touching in between the 'plot' was great though.

I just don't know how to say no to Peter Sarsgaard when he's making out with men.

prettycaps )
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French animated safe sex ad, just about the most lovely thing I've ever seen. Not work safe.

You may have to click/watch a few ad banners to get to the video, but it's all safe, and so worth it. :D

Video #2

Apr. 30th, 2006 08:18 pm
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2 of 2!

This is one of a series of excellent commercials promoting condom usage..


I chose this one because this is the HOTTEST.
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because i myself died a lot when i saw these, i would like to direct your attention here and here.

yay clips of jake and heath all touchy and mmm....
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Princess Diaries 2 outtake + Happy Together screencaps (some NSFW, maybe?)

this way )

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(just be glad it's only 40 pics, I cut the number waaaaaaaaaay down from over 200 screencaps, what can I say, I like the boytouching!)
Anyway, we saw a teeeny clip of My Beautiful Launderette in "The Celluloid Closet"(an excellent documentary on homosexuality in films) that we watched in "Gender and Sexuality" class today and it reminded me that I'd wanted to see it for years so I went straight to the library after class and rented it out. Came home and watched it with the aid of a crappy transcript and took lovely screencaps of this lovely film!

my beautiful launderette )
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Sorry for that first one, but no more bush crap, i swear!

I'm and anime fan, and here's a few things that have caught my eye

this is from DeathNote

no, i don't know who they are, but it moves! *eplicit off screne content*

no clue who this is

more boysies!

Eva yaoi

lil comic

this one's out there

this is from sukisho

real people!

RP Vampires!


...it's fluff

it moves!!

more real people kising!

they damn near go at it! *tn off sound, sqeeling and shix ruins it..

more moving! it's a wmv
in retropect..i think uber_yaoi would be better ^^;i'f i could figure out how, i'd post in both at the same time...but im not a part of UY,..so these can still go here
and i don't know how to imbed images...itred the ways i know, and tehy didn't work right, so...could someone tell me, b/c then i'd do an lj-cut and everythign'd be all nice and neat and all
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Hello all. Since I have been lurking around now for a while and enjoying all of the tasty fruits of others' labor, I decided it was high time that I made my own contribution. I rented the Pedro Almodovar film "Bad Education" last night, and I thought that my fellow BT enthusiasts might enjoy some screencaps of the lovely Gael Garcia Bernal. Now, keep in mind that they are my very first screencaps ever and also my first LJ post ever, so if they are utter crap, sheesh, give a sister a break.

Enjoy )
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Is definitely one of my favorites movies.

Finally I found them , maybe you guys have already seen them, but I look them for like a couple of years, I have give up , but it was worth the waiting they are very good quality .

There you go(they are many):
Wilde ).

All credit goes to Law Of Desire page.


Sep. 29th, 2005 05:57 pm
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I finally got my "Lilies" DVD yesterday (woohoo!) and of course I took some screencaps - some of which have probably been posted before - but I guess seeing them once more won't hurt...
(Lots of pictures and not all of them worksafe):

Les Feluettes )


Oct. 12th, 2004 06:52 am
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My friend bought me a DVD this weekend called 'Bishonen'. It's a Chinese movie, starring Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, and Shu Qi...about boy whores in Hong Kong. It won the 13th Milan and Bologna International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival award for Best Picture.

I wish I knew how to take screencaps, cause there are some great pictures. But I Googled and Photobucketed and this is what I came up with. :)

The story is about Jet, a sexy call boy who starts to fall in love with "the hunkiest policeman on the force", Sam. Jet pretends to be innocent and sweet, trying to get Sam's attention. But Sam has many secrets in his past involving other men, and the culminating moment is when he realizes the past he's been running from is part of Jet's present. I recommend this movie to anyone, as long as you don't mind subtitles. The Chinese boy-whores are all really hot, and the little one, Sindy, will make you laugh cause he's so cute and loves taking advantage of older, rich white businessmen he calls his godfathers.

Bishonen )
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I was just curious if I could post some pictures of no actually boy touching, but a very very pretty man. I love sharing the pictures of him, but I don't really have anywhere else to go.
I just need an okay.... if not, then..um...then its all good.

and a story to keep people happy )
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...In lieu of recent RHPS pictures...I'd just like to share this pic:

Frank and Brad from the original London production! )
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noticed so much trainspotting love on here - in case anyone hasn't read the book, i thought you might like to see this:
warning: scottish dialect ahead! )


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