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Today an many of you know is Veterans’ Day and in honor of the day I put together a large photo post of Military Guys doing some boy touching. Now just like last year I’m using only photos I believe of actual Military men and none of them are rated more then PG nut a few are suggestive. This is very image heavy, but hopefully no repeats from last year, but enjoy.

*Does anyone know of a boy touching group over on Dreamwidth?

first and foremost it’s about the bond of brotherhood )

But it’s not just about having fun )

But sometimes you just need to take a nap )

And like all friends they play around )

And a couple oldies )
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well, these seemed to go down quite well last time, so I have a few more stills of vintage sailors.
My father, a sailor for 15 years saw this book yesterday - I thought he would like it, most of the shots are less touchy than this, and there is an air of innocence to it all really - instead he got really narky about - slating the pictures, the friendship between the sailors, the book in general. He was adamant that they were 'too close' and it wasn't natural (now, whilst I might not lay between my friends legs with my head in their crotch (well, only on special occasions!) My friends and I do sit with our shoulders/arms touching frequently, and certainly aren't scared to make body contact.
Pah. I don't know what I mean really, and I suppose posting pictures from this book on this site wouldn't further my argument with my Dad, but it is a bit if a Yah! Boo! Sucks! to him.
And it's pretty. so bleaughr!

This way to the pretty )
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Following in the spirit of the vintage pics posted a few days ago, and in celebration of the arrival of At Ease - a book by Evan Bachner (that I think was recc'd on these pages), here are some beautiful pictures...

Ay Ay Sir )


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