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Apr. 30th, 2007 10:24 pm
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I don't remember the context of me finding this clip, but here it is... another little gem from youtube.

The Alternative )
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This post is dedicated to the relationship between Salvador Dali and Fredrico Garcia Lorca.  Enjoy!

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...that you've probably seen, but their still hot.

And icons [that I didn't make but have randomly found]

And some good videos.

Oh, and I'd reccomend staying away if you have a slow connection....

Clicky here for the pics! )

Clicky here for the icons! )

Finally the video links )
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Hey everyone! I just joined! I was looking though all the other posts and I just fell in love with this community! I just love boys touching and doing other cute things! Anyway, here's a little contribution from me.

Found this on )
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Cute boys.
I looks like the one on the right is begging the other.^^
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...and I get to be around them all the time!

The first picture is a non-couple picture, but it's still cute. The one with the long hair and goatee is my husband and the one sitting on his lap is our dear dear friend Nathan.

Jeff and Nathan )

The second pic is a couple pic. The one looking at the tall gangly blond like, "What the f**k are you doing is the president of the TAMU-CC GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) that I'm a part of is Hawk and the blond is Thomas. Aren't they adorable????

Hawk and Thomas )
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Found this very sweet and endearing marraige proposal on Does not contain much visual boy touching but towards the end, but both partners are constantly touching/near one another and I thought the way the guy in the orange colored jumper proposes to his boyfriend quite sweet. The story of how they meet by a trick of fate is quite funny, endearing and makes you believe in the power of love and that gay, lesbian and whatever persuasion SHOULD have the same marraige/partnership rights as straight people.
LOL - I cried like a baby by the end of it ;)
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hey everyone!! i am new to this community thus this is my first post.

i watched Saw over the weekend and basically fangirl...gasmed...all over lawrenceXadam...yes, i realize that Saw is several years if this has already been posted before, skip over it to the next paragraph...
NOTE: THE SAW PHOTOS I SHALL RATE 'R' FOR GORE...but...there is beautiful gayness in them, so i'd check them out, despite the bloody mess next to them XD;;;


alright, so i am employed by this company and they have hired me as a "big sister" to chaperone japanese high school students on vacation so i'm basically a tour guide...and, being the horrible fangirl that i am, i couldn't resist snapping a picture of these 2 guys:

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I had a party last weekend, and it ended up being rather boytouchy. For straight boys, they sure liked to touch the bi guy ;) Oh, how I wish I had a photographic memory. But settling for less... Here are photos! )
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I had a great moment in Savers (giant thrift shop) today. There were two boys standing very close in the housewares section, whispering over a saucepan. They didn't even register on the (thoroughly amusing) urn featuring a half-naked woman playing a flute above them!

At the same time, the piped music featured a curious version of Herman's Hermits song 'I'm into something good'( I don't know who was covering it, but it was sung by a boy, and he'd changed the lyrics from 'she/her/girl' to him/his/boy'!! Fab.

And just to round off the love, here's a few pics of my brother's friends at a party one night last summer. You know how it is, you get drunk, you get bored, you get the costumes out!

hello sailor! )
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You HAVE to love MySpace!

I wanna see Quarter 2 in concert ASAP! )
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I bring Some "random" BT pics on a Thursday night ^_^ Some pool table smexxage (sort of lol) BTC (Definitely worksafe as it's kind of silly and cute)

I'd be remiss to not share these )
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I was just wondering this lately, if movies were more 'male touch friendly' and 'gay friendly' that they would make much more money at the box office and on the dvd market as well.
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