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A picture post with pictures of the WHY NOT models although some Lee Williams thrown in just cause. The LW pics are probably reposts. Hopefully some of the WHY NOTs aren't. I did try to go back and check although there are A LOT of posts to check and I have no clue how to do it faster. Graphic intensive, 75+ pictures.

Source for the why nots. I have no source for the LW pics. I got some from here, some from other sites on the web doing a search for LW and it was a while ago. Sorry.

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two photos I (re)discovered going through my picture folders )

(Apologies for not crediting the artists; I originally found the pictures clicking around on this page a couple of years ago, but the links seem to have gone and I can't read cyrillic to begin with, so if anyone should know the photographers' names, I'd be happy to add them.)
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Here are two pics of Hot french rugby boys that I stole from [personal profile] mirareeves. I'm not sure if they have been posted here yet.

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well, these seemed to go down quite well last time, so I have a few more stills of vintage sailors.
My father, a sailor for 15 years saw this book yesterday - I thought he would like it, most of the shots are less touchy than this, and there is an air of innocence to it all really - instead he got really narky about - slating the pictures, the friendship between the sailors, the book in general. He was adamant that they were 'too close' and it wasn't natural (now, whilst I might not lay between my friends legs with my head in their crotch (well, only on special occasions!) My friends and I do sit with our shoulders/arms touching frequently, and certainly aren't scared to make body contact.
Pah. I don't know what I mean really, and I suppose posting pictures from this book on this site wouldn't further my argument with my Dad, but it is a bit if a Yah! Boo! Sucks! to him.
And it's pretty. so bleaughr!

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Following in the spirit of the vintage pics posted a few days ago, and in celebration of the arrival of At Ease - a book by Evan Bachner (that I think was recc'd on these pages), here are some beautiful pictures...

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I've been back but I can't find the entry and I feel like my head is going to explode. I'm sure I saw a post with links to watch a movie, it may have been Harry & Max, I'm not sure. I know it was a brotherly love movie, anyway. *gets on hands and knees* Does anyone still have the links? Please, PLEASE can you post them? Please?

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My hubby and I got our July 2006 issue of Out today. This was in there.

I had to scan it in and share it.

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After the hairy beat-poets of my last post, I suppose it's time for von Gloeden's Sicilian ephebes.
(There's nudity, just so you know)

The Boys of Taormina )

He also did some great portraits and landscapes, in case anyone's interested.
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My sister sent me this rather adorable picture. It looks like it might be from the late 1800's or early 1900's, but I'm certainly not good at dating things. Anyway, it's rather large.

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Ok, here are a couple of steamy ones.. first is totally nude-somewhat explicit- TOUCHING!!!! :)


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Here are some more boy-touching themed ads. I don't shop at Abercrombie & Fitch but I'm a little interested in looking at their catalogue now!
Note: There are 9 pictures and it may take awhile to load.

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I haven't been lurking long enough to get a really good idea of what's been posted, so I hope I'm not just posting the same old thing. But I found some very nice boy touching at CommercialCloset.org (there's also plenty of girl touching there too if you like that).

boys! )
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I've never really posted in this community but I found this pictures online and I decided that I finally had to learn how to post pictures. The second picture might not be work-safe but everything else is milder

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I'm not really sure where this came from and I have not a clue who they are. Having said that though, this pic is astoundingly beautiful. Semi not worksafe ;-)

I call them Duo )

3 boys

Dec. 9th, 2004 11:49 pm
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Hi all,
I've been lurking for a while and I finally found something worth posting.
beautiful boy models )
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Hello, I'm new here.

Henri Cartier-Bresson also had an eye for boy touching, as shown by this picture taken in Naples in 1963 here )


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