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Exhibit A- The Libertines
A now defunct British rock group who were the darlings of the NME, famous for drug addiction, supermodel girlfriends and being really, really gay.

Oh, and the music.

You may have seen some of these pictures posted here before, but a reminder this good-looking should not be unwelcome.

WARNING: There are quite a few images lurking under the cut.

Let The Barrage of Pictures Begin! )

This took longer than I thought! I hope you've all thoroughly enjoyed the boy touching.
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I joined this community a good month or more ago, so may I present my first post! With 5 pictures!
Boys! In here! )
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I strongly deny recent allegations that I may be sleeping with the NME.

Although you can't really prove it either way )
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Just a few pictures I've found on my travels that I thought people on here might appreciate. The first lot are of a guy called Lee Williams. I don't know much about him, but I think he's an actor/model.
The second lot are from the NME, so I apologise for the fairly crappy quality in most of them.

my name is Lee Williams )

I'm such an NME whore )
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So I have finally decided to post something after years of lurking. In celebration of The Libertinies new album, I bring you the Pete n' Carl Lovefest 2004.  (Even if they hate each other now...)


Feel the love! )

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LOTS (like, assloads, I mean it) of band touching of various varieties (Blur, Manics, The Libertines, The Strokes, The Clash, Duran Duran, etc.) behind the cut. )
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Libertines related goodness, I wager...

Nothing the obsessive Libs fangirls haven't seen 2348972347 times today, but for everyone else... A followup to [livejournal.com profile] gazeatthesoul's post
Carl was none too pleased with Pete getting cozy with another fellow! )
Hmm. I wonder what happens at a Libertines afterparty...? )
And let's end it on a high note...
Squeeeeeeee! )
Oh hell...
Just one more )
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Well, to my knowledge this hasn't been on here. It's rather new anyway. You can never get enough of The Libertines...especially Pete and Carl! What a great couple!

sweaty kisses )
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Okay, most of these have probably been posted here before. So, um, I suck. And I don't remember where I got most of 'em, so if I'm using one of your amazing shots and you take offense, just let me know and I can give you credit/take it down. Slower connections be warned it might take you a while. But it's OH so worth it.

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lol...i hadn't posted anything before today and now i can't stop lol
More lovely libertines! )
I've never wanted to be a microphone more in my life.....

EDIT: Fixed the links! but i think i may have accidently put different pics.....oh well! it's all lovely libertine touching =)
(i appologise for my crappy bandwidth and for the fact that i may have posted the same pics on both posts....=S)
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The backof the Libertines' "Up the Bracket" album is cute. Carl is giving Peter a light so he can light up a cigarette. Peter has got a hold of Carl's hand. Aw. It's cute, even though Peter looks out of it. :(


Jun. 5th, 2003 01:00 am
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Oh, I'm just posting this pic in order to share my friend's slash with you wonderful people. Enjoy.

Read this slash )


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