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I saw this in the new Spin Magazine issue. It's available free online through MySpace, btw.

Mathcore + face holding = awesome BT. )

Lucky, lucky man...I wouldn't wash my face for a few months.
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Anybody remember the A*Teens? Here's a totally cute photo of Dhani Llenevald and Amit Paul.

Pic under the cut. Plus one more! )
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Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've got one awesome photo that I must share with you all. It's two guys from my favorite band named Swift. They're a big local band from Winston-Salem, NC and they've been around since '98. Anyway, they just had a reunion show on the 22nd of December because they went on hiatus in October of '05.

Aww so cute! )
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Hello, everybody :]

Stumbled across this community yesterday whilst browsing for a community for The Used :P

And I come bearing a gift too: a post on my favourite band, Muse :] There's some pictures, videos and quotes for you all. And hopefully get some people to agree with me that Matt and Dom like each other. A LOT. I could talk about their relationship all day, but I won't bore you. I'll just get on with the post :]

Follow the white rabbit... )

There you go :] It's quite long so WARNING.

Love Heather Lily
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I'm back with more lovely pics of my finnish metallers, C.O.B.:)

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These are two Taking Back Sunday home movies in which Adam and Matt are totally gay for each other.

They hug in the hall and show their apartment, and Adam sings to Matt then turns off the light and says, "Goodnight, my sweet prince." And in between they're both quite funny.

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Some pics I found online that show some great moments between Blur frontman Damon Albarn and lead guitarist ( at the height of their fame ) Graham Coxon. They are quite sad to look at now, the two of them used to make such beautiful music together and looked and acted every bit the gay couple - they bickered and fought and then hugged and kissed and made up. Then went through the whole damn process again ! And, can I just say, Damon has not aged well at all !

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Kangta and Vanness Wu are an pop/hip-hop singing unit in... well, most of Asia, really.

Both were formerly in boy bands, Kangta in the Korean band H.O.T. and Vanness (who, by the way, has probably one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever seen) in the Taiwanese band F4. They came together in 2006. And that is enough of a history lesson. Now to the pictures. =)

There will be eight pictures, so, whether you think that is image heavy or not, is up to you. ^^
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i'm a long time lurker
first time poster.

i have enough boytouching on my computer,
i figure i'd share.
and what better way to start then
with gorgeous bands filled with gorgeous boys
and the occasional
queer as folk moment.

heaven. )

An Cafe!

Nov. 24th, 2006 06:40 pm
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I bring adorable kissy pictures of one of my favourite, ridiculously cute Jrock bands, An Cafe!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

An Cafe love! )
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Robbie Williams and Johnathon Wilkes. Cutest gay duet ever. I mean, Robbie can't help it, but this is beyond, even for Robbie :-)

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I've not seen any AAR posts here (if there are any, please link me!) so I thought I'd share the extremely pretty boytouching that makes me love this band so very much. Blatant OTP bias here, but I make no apologies :D

hands do now what eyes no longer defend )

AOL Sessions. Includes performances and a Q&A which caters to the OTP of Love. I recommend Q&A #7. There is gazing and Tyson saying 'You're too good to me. Gimme a kiss!' and Nick whispering 'Later'. Yeah.

Oh, yes, and the piece de resistance. Video taken at a concert. During the set the band throw water out to the crowd (so considerate ♥). Wait until about 1:15. At this point, Tyson calls Nick a sexy badass. And then goes in his pants. There is mimed fellatio. With tongue. Why are you still here?

Enjoy! ♥
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the comm needed some jrocker type love ♥ so i bring you: The GazettE, X Japan, Miyavi and Diago Stardust, Pierrot, and Ancafe!

♥ enjoy teh boy touching )
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boys sitting on other boys' laps counts as boytouching, right? if not, feel free to delete these.

when you're on his label, boytouching is, like, required )

pee.ess - here, go down like twenty, and click on Gym Class Heroes. Apparently, in order to have an interview you have to practically sit in your bandmate's lap and then when asked a question about slash/gayness, pick an old guy who writes stuff for Disney movies.

Sorry if this post sucks. It's my first one.
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I found this a while ago, but have been rather lazy and never posted it. It's a short clip(only 40 seconds) of a concert from the band Escape the Fate.

Watch it you know you want to.

Hair pulling is hot! )
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One of Sym and Tom from the eighties matchbox b-line disaster!:

kissy kissy )
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I submit this for y'alls approval. You all have been in the treckett game for far longer than me but I've never seen this before. This is recent, no?

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I know, I usually post with pictures of Japanese boys, but, I like to switch it up every once in a while.

This post will contain:

4 Tommy Lee/Lukas Rossi pictures
1 Will Forte/Fred Armisen picture

Let's go! )


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