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I had to delete and repost this page, I screwed up the cut so.

And if it has been posted before. .. yada yada yada.

Okay so ... it is my intention that no one fall short of the glory and beauty of this movie. So for those of you who haven't and those of you who have, I give you ... 

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Because I'm bored right now and going through my endless list of YouTube favorites. And we could all use a little boy on boy love, right? Some have probably been posted before, but it won't hurt anything to see them again.

-Warning- Lots of videos so probably not too dial-up friendly

Boy love is the best kind!! )
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I have a nice little amazon voucher awaitng me and i believe I need to buy some books with it. Basically I'd love some recomendations. Fantasy or horror books please. Not just gay erotica but nice passionate, kinky, disturbing etc.

So it's not text only, because I know that's not to our liking here is a picture.

picturage )

Just because it is still my most favourite picture EVER!

And sorry I've been a bit inactive, it's because I have a new lj account as dunkel_ziege, so Mods, if you would care to accept my joinage request that would be spiftastic. I love you all
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Here's just some random boy touching that i had on my computer. some i don't even remember where i got them from. It's not alot because my computer is acting up and i haven't gone to sleep yet so i'm too tired to care right now. Next time i promise to post more. I'm sorry i know its not a very good post but i tried.
The Male Lovelyness )
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my first post...

have any of you seen the indie flick "Wilde" about Oscar Wilde and his affairs? Jude Law stars in it, and you see tons of man on man action in the movie...I liked it!

a few of my favorites )
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I was looking at my photobucket just a moment ago, and with all my pictures of boytouching, I thought I'd share them, since we've been lacking in pictures lately. It makes me sad! Anyway, I have a bunch of pictures, from various fandoms. Enjoy them!

Queen, Viva La Bam, Queer Eye, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, HG2TG, PotC, Velvet Goldmine, Batman Begins, HIM, CKY, and The Bloodhound Gang. About 25 pictures total. )
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First time poster, long time reader :o)

This is my interpretation of how Ryan Roxie and Eric Dover would react if they watched Velvet Goldmine together...

It's a TERRIBLY rough draft, but it's all I can muster without a comfy computer chair and a coffee maker... I'll eventually fix it and repost, but here's what I have now:

Ryan and Eric: Glam Rock Love )
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JRM and ewan mcgregor...nude...in bed...in eyeliner...from VG....i hope this posts...EDIT_ try #2...no joke, LJ hates me with a PASSION
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Yeah I think one of these has been posted before but either wayenjoy )


Dec. 30th, 2003 01:39 am
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Ok, so I know I will be lynched for saying this, but Velvet Goldmine has no plot.
I mean.
I rented it, seeing as everyone here is always saying how lovely it is.
and the boy touching was lovely.
But that still does not make it make any sense.
If anyone has any insight into why, or what, I don't understand (aside from calling me a moron and such, please)please inform me...
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behind the scenes images from Velvet goldmine....this will be crossposted
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Never seen "Velvet Goldmine" but I SO wanna. Warning: nudity. Oh yeah.

Velvet Goldmine )
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Alright, so everyone in here talks about the movie Velvet Goldmine alot, and I had never seen it and I felt like I was missing out on something. Well, I was at the library the other day and I saw it, so I was like, "Well, they all love it, so it has to be great." Got it, watched it, LOVED IT. I would just like to thank all of you for posting pictures and talking about and making me want to see that movie. One of my favorite parts was when they showed Christian Bale as a teenager, masturbating over the pictures of Brian and Curt.

A thank you present )

Thank you. I love you all. You're all beautiful.

- Jenna
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ON AT 10:30

heads up

Sep. 8th, 2003 10:56 pm
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I just wanted to give a way up front heads up... Velvet Goldmine is gonna be on Bravo on September 20 & 21... I'm not sure what times, but I'm assuming 7 PM. I'm sure more info will be out later in the month, but... I know everyone here worships that movie... :)


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