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new member post...a little bit about me if you click the link below

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Hi all! You can call me Archangel, just for future reference. And I think it's high time some of you got to know the joys of professional wrestlers. *evil grin* They can be quite sexy and, at times, homoerotic. So for my first post I'll show to you my most favorite pairing (most likely not real, but we can all only hope).

The Hardy Boyz )

Like I said, just wishful thinking for the most part. I hope you like them. I think Matt (he's the one with the black hair and brown eyes, on the left in the very first picture) is the most sexiest man to ever have lived in all of history. Of course, that's just me I guess. But oh, he's so perfect.

~<>~ total obsession ~<>~
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hey!! (first post) i got a video and two pics ) of some good old fashion boy touching!
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i'm new the community... yyyeah... uhm no for the boys touching!

Loudermilk )

The Vines )

Nic and Mark )

Mark and Jared )

Jon and Dan )


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my first post!!!! H.I.M. boytouching..... beautiful )


Feb. 21st, 2004 05:05 pm
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Feb. 18th, 2004 04:40 pm
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This is my first post here, so I am very sorry if this has already been posted...
LOTR image manip *meep* )
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I'm a first time poster... but I have always had this community on my friends list<3

title or description
kissing in the bathtub
title or description
that music video scene
title or description
this is just too cute


PS: feel free to tell me what a did wrong or what i need to improve on... or if you just like.
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I'm not sure where I got this picture.. for all i know i could have seved it off here before. Also, I'm not very good at this posting picture thing. So, if there are any problems with it feel free to yell at me!!



Feb. 17th, 2004 07:36 pm
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I cannot believe I hadn't joined this community until now. I absolutely loff everything on here. It was definitely about time. *grin*

And to make this On Topic and what not;

Jude Law and Johnny Lee Miller )
This one you've all probably seen before. But I drop dead everytime I see it again.

And of course, another:

'Tis Paul Rudd and 'nother boy from that horrendous movie with Jennifer Aniston )

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I'm new. I thought I'd share these two pictures because the cast of LOTR is sexiness times 3048340984. Yeah.

A little more than touching. )
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its my first time posting here
i really enjoy this :) *drools*
i hope this hasnt already been posted, and i hope you enjoy this

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I've been lurking around here for a while, and I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and try posting a few pictures. BUT, before I do, I was wondering if anyone was interested in k-pop boy touching? I have quite a few of those, hehe... and a bunch of videos to boot. But, if not, I have some yaoi Gackt pictures, so..

Gackt 'nd Chacha kissing! )
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this community is really active 0_0!

this is a fanart of lestat and louis from VC

( happy valentine XD )
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Various boy-touchage )
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As a newbie, I offer the following pictures and wonder how I never came across this journal before *boggle* I present you with my favourite slash pairings. Two pictures of Stuart and Nathan (QAF UK) and two pictures of Viggo and Orlando.

See the pretty boys touching )


Feb. 12th, 2004 07:44 pm
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yeah... newbie here. just like to share this - one of my favourite ever boytouching pics, if only cos I can look at it and snigger proudly cos I know both of the guys... kissed them too. heh.



Feb. 12th, 2004 03:20 am
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Well I'm new to all of this and very lucky to have come across the site it's fabbbbbbulous darrling :P

I don't really have that many really good pictures, just random pictures I've picked up along the way while looking for other random pictures... Ya know as you do :P

So Here goes )

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Hey all,

Newbie here, just joined this fabulous community yesterday. Only reason I didn't join sooner was because it took my brain a little while to recover from the shock and joy of discovering that a community like this actually exists. So without further ado, I submit the following pictures for your approval:

viggo mortensen + karl urban )

orlando bloom + viggo mortensen (i can't help it, they're both too damn hot together for their own good) )

and finally, johnny depp + javier bardem )



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