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Here are the much awaited scenes between resident gay Marc and his new love interest Cliff, a new photographer for MODE. The person who posted this had been great in just cutting and pasting all their scenes together in this one video, so no filler or unwanted storylines are messing up the boytouching and cuteness that ensures. Enjoy !

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From this weeks Chuck. Chuck wants to learn the Tango and the only person who can teach him is his sister's BF the affectionately named Captain Awesome. It's a scene that is both hilarious and hot. 

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This is a very hot music video I found on another site. It's in Spanish, which I don't understand at all, but the hot bi BT needs no translatiaon.

This is one of those Youtube vids that you need to log in to see, as it has some naked bodies. Sorry. Also, this is not exactly safe for work viewing.

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Long time lurker, first time poster...
But I was looking at some videos on kind of a german youtube page today and I found some goodies.

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montages and artists being cuddly )

And a request: Zachary Quinto, who currently plays Sylar on Heroes, played Sasan, an openly gay man, on So NoTORIous. I keep remembering a clip of Sasan kissing another guy posted here, but haven't been able to find it on YouTube. Can someone confirm that I am not insane, and direct me to the clip if it, in fact, exists?
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I dont know if these have been posted here before, but I just HAD to share them with all of you!

NSFW (unless youre wearing headphones or want to get odd looks) ^_^

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Since you people ask, I'm giving! Here's another scene from Tops and Bottoms, our comedy group. This time we spoof Moliere, where the topic of cucumber sandwiches are discussed. I know, It's Pearce (the blonder one) and Seth (the darker haired one) again, but I can't help it, they always produce a TON of great work. There ARE more of us, and you can check videos of us (including yours truly) at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=topsandbottomsimprov . I frequently add videos, so a subscription is a dandy idea!
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Heroes finally came back after its long break this week. Of course, the Petrellis are almost incapable of letting a slasher down. Behold, Monday's kiss. (EDIT: It's a mild spoiler for Episode 12.)

I am almost certain Adrian and Milo have discovered the Petrellicest and are now just toying with us.
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It's Tops and Bottoms, the improv trooupe again, from last nights show. 'Ratings Board' is a scene where we present the exact same scene as a g-rated, a pg-rated, r-rated, and finally x-rated. Things get a little debaucherous.

You can see all our vids here,... http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=topsandbottomsimprov . And tell your friends!
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[Error: unknown template 'video']This is my improv group! Tops and Bottoms! I'm not in this scene, but we're just starting to put youtube videos up, so I SHOULD BE SOON!

Ha ha! We're a gay improv troupe, and se we're not aftaid to get touchy feely with each other. As evident in this..

There will be more to come, I'm shore. Let me know what you think...
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Hello, everybody :]

Stumbled across this community yesterday whilst browsing for a community for The Used :P

And I come bearing a gift too: a post on my favourite band, Muse :] There's some pictures, videos and quotes for you all. And hopefully get some people to agree with me that Matt and Dom like each other. A LOT. I could talk about their relationship all day, but I won't bore you. I'll just get on with the post :]

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There you go :] It's quite long so WARNING.

Love Heather Lily
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Its too funny to not share with my fellow BT lovers.

A new technique in coming out to parents )

If this isn't allowed, just tell me and I'll be happy to delete it (well not happy but I will delete it)
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Because I'm bored right now and going through my endless list of YouTube favorites. And we could all use a little boy on boy love, right? Some have probably been posted before, but it won't hurt anything to see them again.

-Warning- Lots of videos so probably not too dial-up friendly

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So, I've recently gotten very, very into the TV show "House," starring the gorgeous and talented Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, and the equally talented and boyishly handsome Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. Wilson. At first when I watched the show, I paired off House and Dr. Chase, but it was not long before I saw the true OTP: House/Wilson. Since I have seen the light, I have been pleased to discover that many others also see the House/Wilson OTPness that I see. Therefore I present to you all three of my favorite House/Wilson fanvids from YouTube. The first two are beautiful and angsty, while the third is a bit more lighthearted. =D

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In addition, I recently wrote a slash fiction story featuring Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello. I'm not going to post it here, since I think that's against the rules, but here is a link to my journal so that you can read it there if you'd like (Mods: I hope it's okay for me to link to it. It is BT-related, so I thought it'd be all right. If not, I'll be glad to take it out).
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Gary Neville and David Beckham are so in love it's not even funny. Behind the cut are pictures and a couple of videos. When Beck's wife is away, he goes to stay with Gary; and in the video Becks also cooks Gary dinner. It's all quite cute really.

Gary: “It’s okay cooking for me, but not getting filmed cooking for me. So nobody knows about it, do you know what I mean?”

Becks: “I don’t just come round to cook for you! I’m staying here that’s why I’m cooking.”

Pictures and video evidence within )
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These are two Taking Back Sunday home movies in which Adam and Matt are totally gay for each other.

They hug in the hall and show their apartment, and Adam sings to Matt then turns off the light and says, "Goodnight, my sweet prince." And in between they're both quite funny.

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Ah, David Bowie.

David Bowie helps Mick Ronson play guitar. By keeping a hand on Ronson's ass and playing with his guitar, which as we all know, is a... mild metaphor. You might not want to watch this at work or in other... sensitive areas, because Bowie kind of rubs up against Ronson's guitar in a suggestive manner. Very suggestive manner. Apparently from the same session wherein Bowie... orally serviced Ronson's guitar. You know the picture.

Ladies and gents, the most awesomely bad music video in existence: The video for the Bowie and Jagger cover of "Dancing in the Street". Some nice moments- dancing extremely close to each other, singing in each other's faces, Bowie holds Jagger in place so he can walk around him. It's also filled with bad clothing (I'm still not sure what Bowie is wearing under that coat) and lame dance moves. Bowie's ex-wife has said they've slept together (she supposedly caught them in bed together)- Bowie and Jagger deny it, so make of it what you will. Enjoy!
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...that you've probably seen, but their still hot.

And icons [that I didn't make but have randomly found]

And some good videos.

Oh, and I'd reccomend staying away if you have a slow connection....

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