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To me there is no contest. The whole cast of LOTR were slash at their finest at movie events and promo for the films when they were out, and that closeness was so hot that it made the actual films themselves hotter than hell. OTP's all over the place there.
The HP films I know are meant to be family friendly, but let's be honest here. With all the hot british blokes they get in those films aka Robert Pattinson as Cedric to name a point, they should at least have seen how also adding close male one on one scenes and touching would ADD to the films as LOTR, rather than take away from them. I mean, guys get lesbian fan service in virtually everything these days so why cant us girls and gay and bi blokes get slashy vibes in out big films ?

P.S - For thos wondering if I do write slash, I do and most of it is Percy and OLiver from Harry Potter. You can find them over at fanfiction.net under the writer FuzzyCat. Some of my more popular ones are THE PLAYWITCH FIASCO and THE GRAVITY OF LOVE. I have not updated in ages due to another long, drawn out family conundrum, but hopefully new additions to these two, plus four more new fics, will be up very soon this week.

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In five days, we'll be celebrating five official years of [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching (created April 29, 2002, according to the stats). During this time, we've seen some glorious threads that have introduced us to new fandoms, rekindled our love for old classics, and made us squeal with a joy that only we can understand.

In honour of the upcoming birthday, i'd like to invite you - the dedicated BT'ers, some of whom have wandered these proverbial halls since the beginning - to post links to your favourite community threads. Are there any in particular that stick out for you?

To kick things off, here are some threads that I saved to my Memories. Perhaps they'll help to jog your memory!

Matthew Lillard picspam

Animated Boy Touching!!

Slashy Songs

Antonio Banderas in La Ley Del Deseo

(EDIT: Gah, yes, I know I accidentally typed 2004. Finger-slip. Take head, bang against wall, repeat until unconscious!)
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This one's probably been around here and the net for ages. It's quick but definately a full on peck on the lips from ewan mcgregor to Hayden christian at the Star Wars 3 premier in London. Lucky guys indeed !!


On the same subject - why is it that male celebrities have such, eh, AMBIGUOUS traits in their sexuality than other males ? And not with the whole theatre thing being gay and all that. Ewan McGregor is married with kids and Hayden has supposedly slept with Sienna Miller, though recent reports from a magazine article he did say otherwise. Thoughts ? My guess is the guys kiss/sleep/fuck with each other to pass the time and then give it up one the filming ends, then it's a case of 'what happens on the set, stays on the set'.
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Hello! I am new to the community here, and this form of slash in general. I love this comm., by the way! I have already saved many lovely images for further viewing.


I was sucked in by the adorable Travis McCoy/William Beckett images and videos that surfaced over the summer. I was wondering, is this normal? Are guys normally this touchy on stage? I’ve seen close singing before, but the hip grabbing and inner leg touching shocked and delighted me. If this is normal, I really need to go to more shows! lol 


Thanks for making this such a great community!


Nov. 15th, 2004 09:46 pm
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Did anyone see Viva La Bam last night? Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang made out with Don Vito. It was funny because Vito was getting "Rock Star training" and I had to "bond" with his bandmates. It was more funny than hot but anyone who's a fan should see it. MTV will probably repeat it. And so this isn't a completely text post I bring you. Aaron Carter kissing some random guys )


Nov. 7th, 2004 05:19 pm
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I regret to report that I have no pictures to offer this time, but I do have a rather juicy tidbit of gossip that I just read in a magazine. There are no names mentioned, but this is what it said:

Which slender Oscar-winning actor not only has a beautiful girlfriend in Los Angeles but also kisses his boyfriend in the Village when he's visiting New York City?

...Slender, Oscar-winning actor? Adrien Brody, anyone? O_O


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Ok, I'm sorry, this is a text-only post....but I am just too too tired to find and upload pictures to post right now. Tomorrow I will....when I get my face out of my pillow.

I just watched A Clockwork Orange again tonight. My university was showing a Cult Friday flick. (Unfortunately it was at 12am...so it's more like Saturday morning...and hence why it is so late/early.)

Did anyone else watch this movie before? It's really suggestively slashy....and a little shotacon, for those of you who understand the term.

Scene: Fifteen-year-old Alex in his briefs, hands down the back scratching his ass, and there's a strange man sitting in the apartment in his parents' room. Turns out the man is a cop, Alex's probation officer or something like that, and he sits Alex down next to him, obviously checks the kid out, throws him down on his back, then grabs his crotch.

Somebody tell me that's not suggestive! If someone could find a way to screencap these parts...I'd love you forever. I left my DVD at home...stupid...or else I'd do it.
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np pics sadly.

but how man of you have seen that Jueciy Fruit gum commercial. where the boy goes to give the 'doll' CPR. but teh doll comes to life and holds the back of his head to 'steal' his gum.

it looks like their kissing, don't it?
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you people have turned me into a sick monster. i see bt EVERYWHERE now. goo.

ive beenwatching romy and michell's high school reunionand noticed during the part where romy gives ramon his satisfaction, there's some awsome touching being done by the guys listening in on the other side of the window. i was wondering if someone had any images of this around.
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Anyone seen the music video for This Love by Maroon 5?

How come it seems that Adam [the vocalist] looks happier touching his bandmates then the half naked girl in his bed? is it me?
Read more... )
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Do any of you watch Wild Boyz?

Is it just me.. or do those guys.. like to REALLY touch each other?
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Hey people, i know i dont really post alot so some may say that i dont have a lot of room to talk, but i think i speak for many of us when i say i think many of you posterersssss...??? are seriously misunderstanding the ideal of "boy touching." yes, you have posted two or more boys phisically "touching", but i think what they mean is, well you know...REALLY touching each other and in a way that they both are liking....sexually. Now not to single out the brother guy that just posted but if it was meant to be sexually liked by both....well... im sorry (in more than one way.)
so in conclusion: you can tell me if im wrong, but i would like to come to this community when i before i update and be filled with joy at pretty touching boys and not extreme confusion from wierd brothers in army print wrestling each other.

Thanks a bunch,


Dec. 30th, 2003 01:39 am
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Ok, so I know I will be lynched for saying this, but Velvet Goldmine has no plot.
I mean.
I rented it, seeing as everyone here is always saying how lovely it is.
and the boy touching was lovely.
But that still does not make it make any sense.
If anyone has any insight into why, or what, I don't understand (aside from calling me a moron and such, please)please inform me...
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At the risk of sounding crazy... Well what the hell. I bought iron-on transfers tonight. I'm still giddy from the twice-in-one-day showing of Return of the King. What does that equal? A shirt. A shirt with much humor and "SCREE!" in it.

You guys remember those pictures of Dom and Orlando kissing? And I believe another in which Orlando is giving Dom a piggy back ride? Those are now on a shirt with "We <3 Domorli." on it, with "(Otherwise known as Domlando.)" underneath.

Le sigh. I know I'm an uberloser... But can you blame me? It was an opportunity I could NOT pass up. So if you guys have any other ideas for shirts-- or can point me in the direction of some shirt-worthy pics, I'd appreciate it.

And now so that this is a legitimate post...

I bring you 'the Happy Couple.' )

Cross-posted in [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching and [livejournal.com profile] lotrboy_daily.

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Oh my gods! That movie was boy touching galore!

And at the end when Spoiler )

And well, since I dont have any piccies yet, I though I'd bring some very well loved.

and although in this moment seems like no one could care less cause they are imagening Legolas sexing Aragorn. The placebo pics are fixed for real this time

Placebo touching )

I have some more but I'll post them later
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I would suggest to moderators that they delete entries that have comments turned off. This is a community, not a news website or a personal blog. Not to mention, posting your opinions as fact (through wording and not allowing open forum about it) is not typically looked at as favorable. If you have a problem with a particular post... why not email the moderators instead of posting with comments turned off and in such a negative tone? It doesn't help you in the least bit.

and for your viewing pleasure... some white stripe strokage.

Not sure if this had been posted, but I thought it was hot...

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I just noticed, after reading this post, how much the two communities differ.

One seems to get many of its members hot and sweaty in regards to twincest, the other (the boykissers) seem to get all cold and clammy...

each to their own I say...


Dec. 10th, 2003 09:18 pm
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-_- I am having to do a debate on Friday (yay...) and chose the legalization of gay marriage as my topic.

I was going to make a poll and post it so I could use my results as part of the presentation, but there aren't enough people that read my journal...and if I put it in a community like this, well...I'll get favorable results, but it'll look like I made it up. Feh.

I know there has to be a poll out there somewhere that's already been done. I would be ever so greatful if anyone could point me in it's direction. ._. -grovel?-

Many thanks in advance. :D

X-posted in [livejournal.com profile] yaoi.
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You know, everyone who knows me, knows I have this whole thing about guys touching each other and stuff. When I have to watch movies like 'Grease' with my friends, I can't help but let out a squeak when Kenickie and Danny hug. My friends look at me odd then, but when we happen to watch Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street, I'm the one looking at them funny.

Everyone talks about how Bert and Ernie are "so obviously doing it". And honest to god, in my whole sick and twisted existence, it's never occurred to me to think Bert and Ernie were "involved" (even saying that makes me want to wash my mouth with soap, it's blasphemy!).

Bert and Ernie were so not together.

I always wondered where their parents were, really. I just always thought their parents were off on a cruise somewhere (too much 'Love Boat' for little kids!) and that they were just keeping each other company and that they were like brothers - anyone know if they were supposed to be actual brothers? They loved each other like brothers, that's for sure... that picture below... eep! I'd actually think that if Bert and Ernie were together, they'd be two incestuous brothers that looked... nothing alike.

Maybe if they were brothers then that actually explains why I've turned out to be as sick and twisted as I am today... (tw)incest is best, mwahah!

If I could, I'd do a poll now, "Bert and Ernie were definitely..."

You fill in the blanks for yourself, mwahah.

And there used to be this show about a little boy named Sinbad, who was cruising around Asia or something with his brothers as well... and Vicky the Viking... damn.

"Hey, why did you turn to be out such a sick fuck?"
"Well, I blame children's television, to be honest"

But, hey, don't get me wrong. I'm all for corrupting young minds with Disney movies where the main characters are... so-in-love. Like Monsters Inc, The Little Mermaid (oh I know they were fish, shut up), Pocohantas....

pictures of children's television shows... uhm, 'implied incest'? )

Okay, that was a long post, sorry about that.

PS: anyone know where i can find stills of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers' video, Fortune Faded? Guh...

PS: user info updated :D

PS: 2004 members!!


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