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This show is so good :D (I don't just watch it for all the hugging at the end :P) But last night, Daniel and Lewis held hands (or Lewis was holding his wrist or something) and it was adorable :] They had two lovely hugs at the end too, so here you go. The first part doesn't have any BT in it, it's the second part that has it all in, but I thought it'd be best to post both parts, so you can follow the song if you want (which I think is done wonderfully).

If the embedded videos don't work, just let me know and I'll give you the links :]

Lewis &&. Daniel )

Love Bellamy

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I don't know, if anyone of you is watching this. It's a casting show with Andrew Lloyd Webber, where they are searching for a new Joseph for the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".
I usually don't watch this sort of casting shows. But this is just great. So many cute boys and lots and lots of Boy touching. :)

Enjoy )
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Another Pretty Comedian picspam- an excuse to trawl through my Photobucket account selecting only the best. This time it's Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, of The Young Ones and Bottom fame.

They are gorgeous. Some pictures a bit NSFW, just to be on the safe side. )

I am seriously in love with those two.
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I though as my first post I'd bring you a bit of boyce/statham from the show Green Wing. Green Wing is an insane (and I mean - INSANE)British comedy set in a hospital, with a wealth of bt, but boyce/statham are the most frequent offenders.
would it be ok if I x-rayed my penis )
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Oh, Little Britain.

I present several Sebastian Love sketches, all from Little Britain Video Galore. If you don't know, Sebastian Love is an aide to the Prime Minister, and has a massive crush on the Prime Minister. He also will do anything to flirt with and/or get his hands on the PM. Recently, he burst into Parliament singing 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera after someone accused the PM of looking old. Yeah.

Get Down PM!

Meeting With the PM

Dead as A Dodo

First Kiss (I believe this sketch has already been posted. There's a high quality version of it available at the website.)

Meeting With the US President (Wherein we meet Sebastian's American counterpart)


EDIT: I found a very high quality clip of Sebastian flirting about with the opposition. It's from Walliams and Lucas.
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Dick and Dom in da Bungalow - a very homoerotic Saturday morning kids tv show! :-)

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This is my first post!  I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures.  I hope you enjoy!

The pictures )




Apr. 16th, 2003 03:10 am
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sorry bout that post earlier, i i ddin't see it had already been posted...

but here's a pic to make up for it. hoping it wasn't jsut posted....you know, yesterday.

(from a tv show called 'the bill')
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there's this incredibly trashy UK soap called Crossroads, and i've only watched it a couple of times but have been charmed by the hotel's head Chef, Vince. He is gay and camp and has a long term boyfriend called Murray. As he's so professional, Murray doesn't come to the hotel as Vince's bosses are against mixing pleasure and business.
Vince recently had an affair with a male model who came to the hotel for a photoshoot and whisked him off his feet, offering to take him to New York.
Vince had to make a choice between Murray and the bit of totty. He chose Murray, and then like a week later, Murray died in a car accident. very sad. :(
If I can find pictures, i'll post them as the actor playing Vince is pretty cute!
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It's a fansite for an english soccer player, but take a look in the gallery please, and tell me the site-maker isn't a boy-touchage obsessive :). I was trying to select three or so pics to upload to my site and post here but after a while I realised I may as well post half the site!
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For people in the UK: Did you just see Casualty? Oh my god! Tony can't die! I thought this was kind of relevant seeing as he makes up half of one of the very very few gay couples on British TV. Aaaah, he can't die!

In Deep

Feb. 10th, 2003 02:54 pm
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For those of us in the UK...

Tonight sees the start of a new series at 9pm GMT on BBC1, In Deep, featuring popular British actors Nick Berry and Stephen Tompkinson.
Heat magazine says it is a "tale of policework and repressed homosexual love". I think you could probably say that about almost every crime series I've ever been interested in watching.
Anyway, I've seen some nice boytouching in the trailers...
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Remember this? You can now download a video of the kiss that they shared here.

Plus there's a photo gallery containing pictures - amongst other things several ones of Luke, being surprised in the shower by Sgt. Gilmore and flashing his bare bum. The Bill slash writers must have had a ball with that image. ;-)

But the video is really worth it (WindowsMediaPlayer or RealPlayer file) - especially if like me, you've missed the episode.


Jan. 21st, 2003 07:19 pm
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I think this is from a Brittish serie.
Not sure which one...

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all UK viewers don't forget to watch The Bill tonight!
there's more nummy boy_touching in there for sure.

-The M.


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