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I've recently been sucked into Showtime's new historical drama The Tudors, and thought I'd share some of the glorious boy touching it's showed so far.

Who needs historical accuracy when there's boy touching to be had? )
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I had to delete and repost this page, I screwed up the cut so.

And if it has been posted before. .. yada yada yada.

Okay so ... it is my intention that no one fall short of the glory and beauty of this movie. So for those of you who haven't and those of you who have, I give you ... 

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What happens when Obsession and boredom collide?  PICSPAM!

Totally obsessed with the Beatles.  SOOO I thought I would get some pics together of specifically Paul and John making goo-goo eyes at each other...  O'Course that's not all...

Here's what I gots this time:

Elvis - YES ELVIS!
Sex Pistols
Hugh Jackman giving Matt Damon a Lapdance
More Matt Damon
Batman and Co.
That 70's Show
Couple of Vids... One of Jonathan Rhys Meyers kissing various hot men... PLUS a short SCRUBS one and that hilarious scene from The Simpsons of the Gay Steel Mill.

This is quite long with Boytouchy Beatles Quotes and stuff... Also very image heavy... Dial Up users may have problems...

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Hey there, everyone. I've been lurking for a while, but now I come bearing gifts! More like lovely BT...but hey! Enjoy. I found this a while ago and figured it would be appreciated here.
The Love! )
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Here's just some random boy touching that i had on my computer. some i don't even remember where i got them from. It's not alot because my computer is acting up and i haven't gone to sleep yet so i'm too tired to care right now. Next time i promise to post more. I'm sorry i know its not a very good post but i tried.
The Male Lovelyness )
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Alright, I know these have probably been posted and reposted quite a bit, but I decided to do it for those who haven't seen it.

Ah...eunuchs )
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I know I just posted, but I stumbled on this pic in another community and couldn't pass up the opportunity to post these two sexy Irish lads...

title or description
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TITUS. there's no shakespeare like slashy shakespeare. especially when jrm is involved.

on to the incest )
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Because I've had a long day and will have an even longer one tomorrow (spring break is so close, yet so far...!), and because this picture makes me happy...

JRM & Colin Farrell )
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JRM and ewan mcgregor...nude...in bed...in eyeliner...from VG....i hope this posts...EDIT_ try #2...no joke, LJ hates me with a PASSION
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cutted )

EDIT- this came up as an X befor...i think my site may be down, but i shall try again

i shall be posting more, along with some icons, which i may or may not have already posted.
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Hi I''m new.. blah blah blah... here's some picks I thought were GREAT!
You've probably seen these before but... *is speechless*


Also helps that It's Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor in most of the pictures.. what more could you ask for?
Also.. taken from the best movie ever created!
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Because really, who can't get enough Velvet Goldmine? S'so pretty, and dream-like,, and glitter, and gay, and Ewan, and JRM, and Christian occasionally. Yea, but really, besides the roof scene and many other incredibly sexy scenes, there's the kiss. Nothing else, just "The Kiss". And we can never get enough of that.
God, I want to own this movie...

Tounge! )
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Last night I attempted to post Velvet Goldmine pictures of Brian Slade and Curt Wild getting friendly. Unfortunately, for most of you, the pictures didn't load.

Go here to see the pictures:

Velvet Goldmine Pictures
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i have two special presents for you, i made them myself.

the velvet goldmine brian/curt kiss
brian going down on curt's guitar

i think you need quicktime to see those. sorry about the horrible quality and reflections of me and the computer, but it's the best i can do. hopefully they're good enough, i know i enjoyed them


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