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As always, I was scouring I Heart Jake looking for boytouching pics of my Jake for my world-famous Jake Gyllenhaal Boytouching Picspam, when I came across this old pic of Jake with Jason Schwartzman laying his head on Jake's shoulder.

Um, how cute is this? )
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At [livejournal.com profile] michelleantonia's urging, I have posted these October Sky screen caps. Now it's not major BT, as I call it, it's the film with extremely significant glances. Watch the movie and you will get the full effect.

No doubt the actual Homer Hickham would kill me for insinuating these things about his life, but oh well, he'll live )

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong )

I could say so many things about this picture, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.
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So, here's the deal. My friend (a gay man) told me yesterday that he thinks I am crazy and "wrong" for being a lesbian who enjoys boytouching, since he thinks that two girls kissing are "gross." I told him that I know for a fact there are other ladies out there like myself, but he didn't believe me. Help me prove him wrong, and I will give you hugs and kisses and cookies!

And just so this is still a legal post, I have updated my Jake Gyllenhaal boytouching picspam at my journal since the last time I posted it here, so go ahead a take a look-see here: http://qwijybo.livejournal.com/1746.html#cutid1

Update: I showed all of your comments to my friend, and after I explained what "slash" was (don't ask), we came to the agreement that he doesn't need to understand, just accept that whatever I like is fine, just like I am fine with whatever he likes, and it doesn't make us "good," "bad," or whatever. Thanks for all of your input!
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For anyone who doesn't know yet, Jake Gyllenhaal won 2 MTV Movie Awards, which we all know are MUCH more important than the Oscars ::cough::
Not surprsingly, Brokeback won for Best Kiss, and Jake won for Best Performance. Also not surprising was that presenter Justin Timberlake wanted to touch Jake's ass.

You can watch the clip here: http://www.malcontent.biz/blog/?p=1482

Stills under the cut

Ranch hand jobs...funny )
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Ok, we've established that I have a major lesbianic crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. Here is playing a little one-on-one with his friend (not Austin, I forget his name). They are huge (the pics, not Jake and friend, you filthy-minded people).

Jake, you had me at Bubble Boy... )
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In the new New Weekly ( NW ) magazine here in Australia, on page20-21 there is a two page article on jake and his aparant denial that he is gay, yet the magazine reckon he is, just because he has a habit of hanging out with guys all the time when he is pictured and also that he likes to hug and sometimes kiss them on the cheek in hello and goodbye. What gets me is that, judging by how these women are writing the article, unless a male celebrity is said to be banging a new chick every other week and is dating someone as well, not to mention turn up at awards with a blonde bimbo, he MUST be gay.
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Can I highly recommend Highway (2002) staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto to fans of boytouching and slash potential.

screen )
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I Heart Jake Media officially owns me. They posted these pics of Jake and Mark Ruffalo exchanging a lingering embrace and holding hands. Now, I know its not as squeee worthy as Jake and Austin, but at least they are touching.

What would Heath have to say about this? )
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I know you are all probably sick of me and my Jake obsessiveness, but I swear that this is the last post (at least until he plants a wet one on Heath when they both win the Oscar). I found these caps of Jake's Vanity Fair photo shoot with Tom Ford as his stylist. Apparently Tom thought that Jake's pants needed an adjustment, and Jake really didn't seem to mind...

Jake hotness... )
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So, I have a little lesbian boy-crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, a la Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Cruise. I'm so proud that he was nominated for an Oscar, that I decided to gather up some recent Boy Touching pics of him (mostly with Peter Saarsgard).

Oh Jake... )
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Following the boykissing spam, I made an enormous 370-plus picture boytouching spam in my LiveJournal that I thought you guys might enjoy.

Part 1 (all Lord of the Rings boytouching), Part 2 and Part 3.

Teasers )

Green Queen
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A Hot one boys and girls (If you ask me):


Is from a play they did, named: This is our Youth.
(Note: As far as I know it doesn't contain any gay elements ,
I know, is a bloody shame)

Here is a poster from the play if you are interested:

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EDIT: Snape/Harry manip has been replaced by Lucius/Snape manip. That is all.

These are a couple of screencaps from a movie called Highway, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, and Selma Blair. I've never seen it before (heard it was pretty crappy, actually), but these caps are seriously making me want to check it out:

Checking the rear view, phallic symbols, and quasi-cuddling )

I hope these are allowed...(Not work-safe) A few Harry Potter manips that were too hot not to share...Draco/Harry and Lucius/Snape )

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Hi I dont´know if this was posted yet, but i found the info about this interesting upcoming movie and i wanted to share with ya.

Is this info real???? I mean Jake Gyllenhal and Heath Ledger are really cuddling up for the big screens?????, Is this movie already filming?, I beg this be real!!, Jake and Heath TOGETHER!!! playing a gay cowboy couple!!!!, kissing, hugging, havin sex and all that stuff, this is too good to be real!

Originally published November 25, 2003

Ang Lee has signed on to direct the big-screen version of one of the most achingly passionate gay short stories ever written, "Brokeback Mountain" -- and breaking Hollywood news has it that Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are in talks for the leads.

The script calls for two key roles: Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, two Montana cowboys who hide their passionate, emotional relationship from others for 25 years. Forget playing gay -- aging from 19 to 44 is going to call for some pretty serious acting.

So should Jake and Heath saddle up? Or would some other Hollywood hunks make the cutest onscreen couple? And who would be the most convincing queer cowboys? You decide.

One of the two cuties currently in negotiations for a leading role, Jake Gyllenhaal (who's hosting the Sundance Film Festival awards ceremony, airing live this weekend on the Sundance Channel) is one hot young actor on the rise, but whether he'll really be willing to -- um, rise for this gritty gay role remains to be seen. Let's hope so: Though tall and ruggedly built, Jake's also got a bit of a baby face, which would make him perfect in the role of Jack Twist, the younger, more innocent of the two gay cowboys.

Hollywood went crazy!!! definitely!!, and when this movie be released I´ll go crazy to caps the hottest pics :P
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Branding him might be tricky

"Looks like I'll be up in Calgary wrangling cattle and Jake Gyllenhaal for two months."

-Heath Ledger, in the London Free Press, anticipating shooting the film Brokeback Mountain in Alberta with Jake Gyllenhaal as his love interest.

Holy. Who doesn't want to see this movie?! Also, dig the title. draw your own conclusions, hee hee.


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