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Ok, I know I have kinda abandoned this comunity for a while

But I've been up to no good!!

And thats good news right?!

I have Picture Album's to share

Radiohead Boy Touching



And the always loved Savage Garden boy touchingness

I will be uploading more pics as I find them *nod nods*

and this "film"
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I saw Forrest Gump for the first time last week, in school, and it was so good that I had to borrow it from my friend. And I think that Gump and lieutenant Dan have been hooking up. I say: screw Jenny, go for Dan! ;P Anyway, instead of trying to learn the names of all the states in America, I made screen caps.

Many pretty big pics under the cut! (and quite bad quality too, I'm afraid.) And sorry for the subtitles..

Life is like a box of chocolate )

Now I'm done spamming. Have a nice day.
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Hello, peeps. I'm a proud new member of this fabulous community, and I come bearing gifts in, uh, celebration. :D

Scott Weiland, apparently, was very open with his former band mates. There are loads of pictures of him kissing, groping, hugging and licking the other three members of the now-defunct Stone Temple Pilots. The ones I have here are only the ones I could find, and even still, these aren't all of them. Wouldn't want to overload you all. :) Also, I'm apologizing in advance if these pictures have been posted here already... but it doesn't hurt to look at them again, right?

The pictures might be a bit large, so this could prove problematic for dial-up users...

Open Kissing and Groping? CLICK HERE! )
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They say every picture tells a story...teh cut )

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I found these in yesterdays newspaper or whatever. I thought I'd might share.

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Well I found this movie called Beauty Bishonen and it has asian man loving in it...

Read more... )

I have yet to find it in stores sooo EBAY
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Okay, so this is my first submission to this totally awesome community. I'm sorry for lurking so long, but I finally got my computer straightened out and my account at Pix Place working.

So, to make up for it, I bring you all Veronica Mars boytouching, courtesy of Jason Dohring and Teddy Dunn in Ep 101. Enjoy, everyone.

Logan/Duncan equals OTP of Doom! )
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I bring you boytouching, Marc Almond style! Careful, the pictures are kinda big.

Beware, nekkid male arse under the cut! )
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Vanity Fair pictures. All kinds of hot touching. Ted Allen has his hand down Peter Paige's pants.
oh yes.
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I x-posted to my journal and [livejournal.com profile] rightclicklick(originally from [livejournal.com profile] queer_eye
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where do you all host your images?
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For my first ever post I present a first time picture!

Robert and Jimmy! )
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For my first ever post I present a first time picture!

Robert and Jimmy! )
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Frank Sinatra and Monty Clift gettin their war on )

And I hope all you US residents 18 and up remembered to vote today!
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Seven Pics of my OTP, Messers Slash and Duff. Spam much? Why yes.

Here be Rockers. )

And one for the road. )


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