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Greetings, all.

In June last year, I posted an announcement that I was no longer able to be the owner and admin of this group, and as the moderators no longer seem to be active, this has left [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching at sea without a captain. I sent a call-out inviting any members of the community to volunteer to take over.

I did not receive any messages or comments with genuine offers to transfer ownership, and so, it's my sad duty to say that I have no choice but to close BT. If someone would really like to take over as admin at this point, please contact me ASAP, but after so long, I think it's time to get the hint.

It was a pleasure to take over ownership of BT long ago and to get to know so many of you. It's my opinion that the needs and interests of the community have, over time, grown beyond what LJ can provide. The tag limit severely crippled the search and archive functions of the community, and as other social media platforms have become increasingly more popular (eg. Tumblr), the numbers on LJ have dwindled. But over the years, we've put together quite the collection of man-love here, still impressive in its thoroughness and variety compared to many other sites with the same. All these contributions came from you. So thanks for sharing, not just the BT but also in the comments. I know a lot of firm friendships grew from this community and i'm proud to have been there in any capacity for all that.

Thanks again. It's been great.

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Wooh! Moderator update (a happy one, for once ;)) - changes regarding the closed community -

It is no longer possible for community maintainers to add people to their communities directly via the admin console or the Community Management page (regardless of whether it is a closed or open community).

Now, a user must click the 'join this community' link on the community's info page to request to join the community. For a closed community, this action will trigger an email to the community's maintainer, who can then approve or deny that user's request to join.

So if you're interested in joining, click the join this community button, and I'll add you to the group!

Also, on the 29th of April [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching will be two years old so if people have any ideas on how to celebrate properly... or just get some pictures together for the big day :D

rumble fish! (warning: incest ahead... or, uhh, well, in my sick mind it is) )

thanks to the looooovely [livejournal.com profile] sassygirl for the link <3
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[livejournal.com profile] superba and I have decided that we are going to make this community a closed community. Around 85% of you thought it was a good idea, and so as of today, this community has closed membership.

This will not mean we are going to become an elitist community - we will add everyone that wants to join, but we hope that the spammers will stay away a bit more.

Also, the idea behind the closed membership is that you read the rules before you post. If there are any more off-topic posts, we will take away your posting access, if you post pictures/articles without an lj-cut, we will ask you to edit your post - if you don't, we will delete it.

I'm sorry but we have to be a bit more strict with the rules, I hope you guys understand!

Everyone will still be able to look at the pictures here, but we just need to ask the people that post, to stick by the rules we have - to make this a better community again.

So, the community rules )


» make sure you read the rules listed above.
» click the 'join this community' link on the community's info page - an email will be sent to the moderators. we will take a look at your journal and add you back!
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I still need to discuss this with [livejournal.com profile] superba, but I thought a members poll wouldn't hurt anyone?

Here's the thing:

since the lj codes were thrown out the window, I think the community has suffered a bit. There's been quite a few off-topic posts, and some posts just to annoy members - I think we all wish we hadn't seen the threeway? Haha.


For several reasons, I've been thinking about this community to become a closed membership-community. That way I can check up on the people that want to join - the "abuse" we've had lately has pretty much all come from journals that were just created to spam communities.

Everyone can still join and post - people just have to tell me the name of their journal, and I'll add them. It will not become an elitist community, but I think we need to... "take some action".

So I'd really appreciate it if you could fill out this poll - it'd be great to know what you guys think about all this - after all, this is my first community so I'm no professional, haha!

[Poll #252146]

Also: if you post off-topic entries with the comments turned off, I will ban you. Deleting the entry will be more difficult for the mods - and posting entries with the comments turned off is just... a cowardly thing to do (banning people isn't much better but still).

THANKYOU! - mod posts are a bitch, I know, but I just want to know what you guys think of everything before we do anything drastic. We try to do our best - I hope it shows, hehe.

Sorry for the mod-post, but here's a nice Bert/Quinn (of The Used)-picture to make up for it! ;)

or just click here

(i'm sorry, i can't do an lj-cut, i think... still need to get used to doing polls, haha)
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Hello everyone.

This is just a quick post to ask those of you posting gay rights political material to please please put it under a LJ-cut!

There's been a sudden influx and I've already had one email about it, and I'm expecting more.

I don't want to start deleting this stuff, as we'd be hypocrites here if we ignored all the social issues tied-in with boy-touching. We aren't just rampant fag-hags, we do support these causes!

BUT, you do have to bear in mind what the members want from this community: and that is boy-touching! So please, place your political info behind a clearly labelled cut. That way, those who wish to read this stuff can click and comment, and those that don't can pass it by without having to scroll down for ages!

Also, as with all posts here, do check that someone hasn't already made a similar post in the last day/few days.

I hope that's ok with everyone. As usual we're just trying to keep everybody happy here, I hope you can appreciate that :)

ps: I really don't want to delete posts like this, but if you do not LJ-cut them, and there has been a lot in a short space of time, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to get rid of them.
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one thing:

if someone posts pictures you're not really into, please don't comment saying the pictures are gross or anything like that.

this is not a dig at anyone in particular, just a friendly reminder?


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I've had such a shit day, and then when I read the answers to the poll.... I'm seriously trying to be a good moderator but there's just one thing - I can't edit posts, I can only delete them. If I could edit them, I'd lj-cut every post that wasn't already lj-cut, but since that's not possible...

I'm not going to delete posts that aren't lj-cut, I'm trying to be a good moderator, not a dictator and if people want to post pictures, I'm happy they want to post them here, but just please, to make this easier on me and [livejournal.com profile] superba, on yourself and on the other (2100+) members in this community... lj-cut everything
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Ok, so everyone is tired of mod posts now, so hopefully this is it for a while...

Thank you for your answers in the poll, it's always good to hear what our members think, be the opinions negative or positive we always appreciate feedback on the community.

There are a few things we wish to address which cropped up a few times in the poll, so, read this and take it in and, can I just say, we all need to sit back and take a breath and relax (I'm including myself in that!).

This comm is massive people, and so many of you said you love the diversity of it, so there needs to be some give and take in order for [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching to remain so very diverse.

Right, here are some views from the poll - with the names omitted obviously - which a lot of people seemed to share and which we feel should be put up here for all emember to consider and work on.

these are things us mods really have no control over, but the community as a whole can change:

● pictures not behind an lj-cut.

● all the flaming.

● when people post pictures without checking the original posts for repetition.

● the lack of labelling of pictures - for instance, a cut tag that just says "boy touching under here" - PLEASE put some description of who the guys are.

● people commenting on how they *dislike* the pictures. Or how disgusting it is.

And about the Lord of the Rings thing: It will die down, like it did last year. If you don't like the pics posted in the community, post pictures *you* like.

I hope the tone of this wasn't too harsh, I so didn't mean it to be. C'mon! Let's all be friends! *throws fake snow around and dances a jig*

and a picture of Brit comedians Vic & Bob in the shower together... )
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New lay-out and changed the community info a bit.

I thought it'd be better this way, easier to look at and (heeh) I got tired of the Ken dolls. This is easier to load, I'd imagine and yeah. I always think purple and black look pretty together? Heh.

If anyone could do better with the icon (pretty fonts and whatnot) feel free - here's the picture. If you want, you can send your icon to contact@boytouching.cjb.net and I'll credit you in the user info :)

PS: is it bad that since i started playing the sims again, all my couples have been of two men? *ehem* ;)
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[livejournal.com profile] hardcore_bt

moderated by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] sabergurl

the community info was updated again - what kind of things to post, all the dating/rating stuff, so go take a look.

from now on, when i see pictures that fall into the "porn"-category (see info) i'll delete them. when it's a post with more pictures, i'll ask you to edit those pictures out. please be cooperative, or i'm afraid we'll have to resort to banning.

i'm trying here, i'd be very grateful if everyone would do their best to make the most out of this community :)

some pictures of the smiths and i'm done )


Dec. 20th, 2003 04:29 pm
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I promise I'll lurk in the shadows after this, I'm terribly sorry about all these mod-posts - I'll try to keep it short.

On the subject of "porn".

As I mentioned before, I've been away from the internet for two months (evil internet companies) and now that I'm back, I noticed there was a lot of "porn" in this community.

I don't think this community was ever meant to be a gay porn comm, it was a boy touching community. In my last post I gave examples of the kind of pictures we're looking for in this community (it gives you the idea, anyways), and it gives you an idea of what we think of when we say "boy touching".

Let's put it like this - this community is for the imagination. It's for people with "slashymindedness", as [livejournal.com profile] diaphanous_one put it.

Just to make it clear what I mean when I say "porn": any picture featuring full frontal nudity. I guess some nudity is okay, but when everything's just... hanging there, out in the open - I don't think it belongs in this community. Like I said, this community is one for the imagination, and when it's just... there, it doesn't leave much to the imagination? I think some people will agree will me (well, I hope they will, haha) and I'll cut the others a deal:

Now that you don't need codes to make new community or journal, what do you guys say if I offered to make you a new community? Pretty lay-out and everything, any name you guys want, for everything you decide you want to see. Someone else will have to be the moderator, but I'm willing to make you a new community.

I just want to make it clear that I'm not against porn, that I'm not trying to be a dictator in here - I just think I need to clear something up because I've noticed a change in this community, and others have too.

Everyone has a different definition of "porn", but I think that if there's just some nudity (shirtless, that kind of thing) but nothing too hardcore, everyone is happy? I just want to avoid going into millions of discussions of what porn is and what's not, but just to make it clear so there won't be any confusion: the "porn" we're talking about, is anything with full frontal nudity.

I don't know if people have problems with pictures where you can see... naked backsides (I'm trying to be careful about the words I choose, haha) - but for now - everything with full frontal nudity has to go. Some nudity is fine, just make sure you put up a warning, "nudity" is good enough - though most of you already do that anyways.

I'll update the community info with everything. I'm sorry about all these mod-posts, here's some afi touchage to make up for them :D )

Let me know if I can help you with setting up a new community? I understand that people like those pictures, and I don't want to cut you guys short or anything, it's just that I'd rather have another community for that kind of thing?


And, uhm, enjoy your Christmas holidays? :)
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Me again.

Everyone's tired of hearing me talk, but apparently there's been confusion about what you can post in the community. This isn't a bitch moderator-post (not really, anyways ;)), I'm just trying give most of you the idea of what [livejournal.com profile] superba and I had in mind when we started this community.

depeche mode touchage, and a bit of explanation )

And as [livejournal.com profile] vampyreblood asked me in reply to my last post, you can talk about whatever you want in the comment threads. On- or off-topic, it doesn't matter - the only time we will take "measures" is when a comment thread turns into a flame war or anything of the like. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, it's a community and we're trying to run the community with a few rules, there needs to be some structure in the community, but that's it. No scary business.

You can post whatever you want in the comments, even pictures of a certain band member or whatever else. If you post pictures of, let's say Velvet Goldmine, and you start talking about... a photoshoot Ewan McGregor once did, feel free to post pics of Ewan in the comments! We don't mind, just play nice and it's fine :)

Sorry about all this.

I just hope everything's (sort of) clear, if you've got questions... ask away. We'll decide on the porn thing soon enough (look under the cut) - so put up warnings when you post porn, at least!

This weekend, [livejournal.com profile] superba will hopefully do a poll in this community, if you have things you want to ask about, requests, things you'd like to see changed in this community, and the things you do like about this community... please fill in the poll when you see it on your friends pages - it'd mean a lot to us.

Moderator-posts are not fun, but they're here for a reason.

And, hey, where's the AFI touchage?! ;)
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The bitch moderator from hell again.

I'm very sorry to [livejournal.com profile] toolerapc to say that tomorrow morning, I will delete his latest post in the community. This is not a dating/rating community, like we already explained before.

It's not personal, and I'm deleting it tomorrow morning so that you ([livejournal.com profile] toolerapc) can do whatever you whatever you want with it (save it or something? I dunno) and I'm just making the announcement so that it's clear to everyone that this is what happens when there are more posts like that...

This is not a dating or rating communities, I bet there are a million of those out there, but this is the boy touching community.

So yeah.

I'll update the community info with all this, and I hope you all understand.

Once again, you can blame me ([livejournal.com profile] youwillburn) for this, once again I hope [livejournal.com profile] superba and most of you will agree with me. I just want to be clear on this, cos the community is already big enough and with all the LOTR premiere pics around... hehe.

Sorry to bore you all with this again, but, uhm, look at the waving cat in my picture? *scratches head*



Dec. 4th, 2003 09:22 am
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Right, seeing as it's Lord of the Rings time of year again, can I just ask anyone thinking of posting touchy pics of the boys, to check back at least one day to see it hasn't already been posted please?

I know I know, it's a real pain. But older members will remember the trouble we had last year with the sudden surge of LotR pictures, and the eventual repetition of them.

I'm a massive fan of the guys, so I completely understand you wanting to post photos of them being cute together, but please realise that not everyone is feelin' the LotR thing, so just have some consideration for fellow members.

Checking back is great, so we don't get the same pic three days in a row, and also remember that LJ Cut is your best friend, not only for big pictures, but also I think all Lord of the Rings pictures should be placed behind a cut after a while (say, a week from now? if the craze is still going strong? - let me know if you think otherwise) to let the non-Rings fans have the choice of whether to look or not.

I hope this seems fair. It's just I don't want flame wars starting again... for our number of members we do alarming well, there's hardly ever any trouble in here (and I love you all for that :D), and I hope you agree with me in wanting to keep it that way.

[livejournal.com profile] superba

ps: I should have added, that from now on if you put a picture up in here that has already been posted, I will delete it.

ps2: Just another thing as well.
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Okay, sorry to [livejournal.com profile] elfboi666 for deleting his entry, but this is not a rating community. There's loads of other places to post pictures of yourself to get people to rate how you look or to say whether you're hot or not, but this isn't one of them.

Posts like that don't have anything to do with boy touching, and they're just an open invite to flame wars, and that's not what we're looking for here.

From now on, I'll delete posts without saying something first if they're off-topic.

This community is getting to be huge and off-topic posts are not welcome anymore - they annoy people and they clutter the community. So.

I guess posts with links to new communities are fine as long as the communities have something to with boy touching.

Posts that are allowed:
- pictures of boys/men touching
- pictures of boys/men nearly touching
- fanart/illustrations, etc of boys/men touching
- stories of boy touching
- snippets of interviews, quotes, etc, that have to do with boy touching etc.
- links (to new communities, etc) that have to do with boy touching

...and some other stuff too, I guess.

Just don't get too far off the subject, it's annoying for a lot of the members and there have to be some rules.

Go off-topic once, you're warned. You can take the deleting of one of your entries as a warning - do it again and we will ban you.

I'm sorry but it's getting out of control and I love this community, and hope that many of you do too, so there's got to be rules.


Thanks for listening,
the bitch moderator from hell (a.k.a. [livejournal.com profile] youwillburn) xx

P.S.: everyone, lj cut please...
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New lay-out and new userinfo.

Thankyou [livejournal.com profile] qgirl for the picture.

billybunnybillybunny )

It's [livejournal.com profile] whatawaster's picture but I'd feel bad if I didn't post a nice picture. :D

[livejournal.com profile] bunnybilly [livejournal.com profile] bunnybilly [livejournal.com profile] bunnybilly



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Okay, new rule.

From now on, if any of you feel that another member of this community is causing a disturbance by harassing other members of this community - tell me ([livejournal.com profile] youwillburn) or [livejournal.com profile] superba.

Leave a comment in our journals or email one of us, telling us who you think is stepping out of line and point us toward the thread where you think a member of the community is not obeying the rules.

The idea of this community is to share the boy touching lurve - that means you post what you like, and as long as it isn't off-topic, there shouldn't be a problem.

If you don't like pictures other people post, post your own pictures or move on to the next post. There's no need to harass others.

We're not looking for fights here, and it's actually pissing me off a bit that this community has over 1500 members, and it's doing good, except for a few unnecessary run-ins.

We will not disable anonymous postings unless we need to (hopefully we won't) - if you cause a disturbance, we will warn you once, but if you cross the line again, we will ban you. This community is getting too big, and we don't have time for useless arguments.

To the people in this thread, consider yourselves warned. It might be our mistake - if it is, show us by not causing more trouble. If you do, we will ban you.

This is not personal, it's just the best for this community.

The moderators xx

PS1: if you think we should change things about this community, to make it better, etc, contact us. We're always trying to make the community better for everyone to use and all that - suggestions are welcome!

PS2: [livejournal.com profile] bunnybilly (sorry, I had to)
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Considering recent events, I thought I would gauge the member's opinions on anonymous commenting in this community.

Personally, I think I'll be voting "I don't have an opinion" because any trouble we have had here has been from LJ members with accounts. But if you guys think it might help, then I will disable anonymous commenting. Let me know yeah?

[Poll #174604]
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I know I'm not a moderator of this group or anything (mods, please feel free to remove this post if you feel I'm stepping on your toes) but could people *please* go and read the user info??

Here is a link to it, to make it easy for you

Especially this part!

request #2: if you post several pictures, or just one big picture, please use the LJ-CUT, so that the community doesn't flood members' friends-pages/mess up people's lay-outs.

Please don't bitch at me because of this, I'm making a perfectly reasonable request, I am a member of this community, and I contribute to the boy touching goodness.
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Dear members of [livejournal.com profile] boy_touching,

I don't want to be rude, but I don't watch much TV. So if you're just going to tell me about some impossibly sexy thing I just missed, please don't post it to the community.

Unless you have pictures. Even of the participants alone. Then all will be well.

to validate this post, here's a comedic vintage magazine cover )
and Shawn Ashmore being arrested. In his underwear. And being groped by a geeky guy with a camera. )

Edit: Found a picture from the MTV awards y'all brought up.
Justin/Sean )


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